Thursday 19 October 2023
Foxconn unveils space venture: "Pearl" to launch aboard SpaceX rocket in November
In recent years, Foxconn has been actively advancing communication technology with a specific emphasis on low-Earth orbit satellites. After the meticulous integration of various resources...
Monday 4 September 2023
AI badly needed to optimize engineering simulation at defense, thermal module sectors
The ongoing AI boom benefits not only software developers but also industrial design and simulation software vendors, with Taiwan Auto Design Co. (TADC), a veteran distributor of...
Thursday 20 April 2023
Hon Hai set to launch 5-10 qubit ion trap quantum computer within 5 years
Hon Hai Technology is slated to launch a 5–10 qubit open and endocable ion trap quantum computer within five years as a prototype platform for medium- and long-term scalable...
Thursday 20 October 2022
Foxconn showcases research results in future vehicles, highlighted by information security and V2X
The Hon Hai Research Institute (HHRI)'s goal is to do foresight research 3 to 7 years ahead that comply with the group's 3+3 strategy. They will announce their progress at the NExT...
Wednesday 10 August 2022
Heterogeneous integration to boost EV-use SiC, GaN performance
Third-generation compound semiconductors such as SiC and GaN are very crucial to the future development of electrical vehicles (EV) and green power industries, and heterogeneous integration...
Friday 10 June 2022
5G just at first generation with much to be desired, says NCC commissioner
A recent global survey by telecom equipment vendor Ericsson found that many people are disappointed with 5G because no killer applications are in sight, which, however, can be attributed...
Wednesday 1 June 2022
Foxconn IC fab capacity to come online in 2023
Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) expects its IC fabs dedicated to producing automotive chips and third-generation semiconductors to come online in 2023.
Thursday 5 May 2022
Autonomous vehicles to create massive AI business opportunities
The massive new nodes created inside and outside self-driving cars will bring new business opportunities for AI solutions, and the entire creation process can be seen as a combination...
Wednesday 4 May 2022
AI not immune to hacking, says Hon Hai Research Institute CEO
AI has permeated well into the modern society playing a crucial role in a wide variety of applications, but AI systems, just like all kinds of computer operating systems, can hardly...
Thursday 14 April 2022
Foxconn to tackle SiC, GaN production bottlenecks with AI technology
Foxconn Technology will move to incorporate AI-based smart manufacturing solutions to tackle bottlenecks encountered in manufacturing third-generation semiconductors including SiC...
Monday 15 March 2021
Hon Hai Research Institute forms E-Vehicle Cybersecurity Alliance
Hon Hai Research Institute, an R&D organization established by Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry), has formed E-Vehicle Cybersecurity Alliance in a bid to boost...