Thursday 21 March 2024
India reportedly expresses reservation about HCL-Foxconn OSAT project
Although India approved three chip projects under its flagship incentive policy, the Indian government reportedly has some reservations about the packaging and testing facility project...
Thursday 29 February 2024
Qualcomm eyes US$1b annual investment thrust in India amid ongoing chipmakers talk
Qualcomm, the US-based semiconductor giant, is strategically shifting its focus for the next five years to amplify its presence in India.
Monday 22 January 2024
India roundup: HCL, Foxconn form OSAT JV in India
Foxconn and HCL signed an MoU to form a joint venture into the OSAT sector, as manufacturers are capitalizing on the opportunity to have a presence in the Indian semiconductor ecos...
Friday 19 January 2024
HCL, Foxconn reportedly looking for land for OSAT venture in southern India
Days after the formation of a joint venture by the HCL Group and Foxconn, the duo is reportedly scouring for places for their OSAT venture in the southern states of Tamil Nadu and...
Thursday 18 January 2024
HCL, Foxconn form OSAT JV in India
After the chip foundry Joint Venture (JV) formed by Foxconn and Vedanta fell apart, the former announced a new JV with India-based IT giant HCL group to enter the OSAT sector.