Tuesday 27 February 2024
Samsung's XR device expected to enter production before end of 2024
The launch and subsequent sales performance of Apple's MR headset Vision Pro has created a certain level of pressure on competitors in the sector. In particular, Samsung Electronics,...
Friday 23 February 2024
Emerging strong from 2023, Weblink is prepped to seize opportunities in AI
After outperforming its competitors in 2023, Taiwan-based distributor Weblink International is charging even further ahead in 2024, with president Dave Lin noting three main growth...
Wednesday 21 February 2024
AI chips should prioritize quality or quantity? Perspectives differ among software and hardware giants
It was previously reported that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman aims to raise US$5-7 trillion to fortify the AI chip supply chain. The venture includes establishing a global network of fabrication...
Wednesday 21 February 2024
Tech giants reshuffle amid AI surge: insights from former Microsoft Research Asia VP
The tech industry's resurgence and restructuring driven by the AI wave have led to a reshuffling of market value rankings among major players like Microsoft, Apple, Nvidia, and Google,...
Friday 16 February 2024
Acer targeting both software and hardware in its AI push
As AI continues to gain prominence, the massive amounts of computational power and energy required for its various applications will quickly deplete current resources, and sustainable...
Friday 9 February 2024
A review of four major automotive technology trends at CES 2024
Mobility remained one of the highlights at CES 2024. This year, more companies focusing on autonomous driving, generative AI, EV charging, flying cars, drones, sensors, and micro-mobility...
Wednesday 7 February 2024
Software is key to AI PC's success, says DIGITIMES Research
We are seeing the most standardized specifications of AI hardware with the launch of AI PCs, and the operating system and the apps will be key to defining the "AI" on the PCs as a...
Friday 2 February 2024
Can Apple's MacBook line prevail amid the AI PC competition?
Sources in Apple's MacBook supply chain are anticipating single-digit growth in shipment volumes for 2024, compared to the downturn seen in 2023. With Intel, Qualcomm, and MediaTek...
Tuesday 30 January 2024
Samsung to make notebooks in India in 2024
As India is keen to encourage local production of computers and servers, Samsung Electronics disclosed its plan to make notebooks in the country
to capitalize on the growing...
Thursday 18 January 2024
Indian IT hardware import system introduces complexity instead of clarity
India implemented a management system for imported IT hardware in November. The Indian government clarified that desktop PCs are not included in the restricted list, a move intended...
Tuesday 16 January 2024
Intel, AMD, and Nvidia flex cutting-edge AI hardware at CES 2024
In a race to capitalize on the soaring growth and momentum of AI, three global tech giants showcased their latest developments at CES 2024.
Friday 12 January 2024
Amazon and Google undergo major workforce shake-up amid challenges in hardware sector
US tech titans Amazon and Google have initiated a new round of workforce restructuring.
Tuesday 9 January 2024
Huawei's foldable smartphones bear fruit as hardware innovation continues
Huawei has released 8 foldable smartphones over the past 4 years, and the firm secured its leading position in the Chinese foldable smartphone market through continuous hardware technology...
Thursday 28 December 2023
Hardware and software vendors hopeful for gen AI-driven 2024
After generative AI exploded onto the scene in 2023, the upcoming year is expected to see a flurry of practical applications for generative AI. As noted by Chen Chien-Chung, president...
Tuesday 19 December 2023
Gaming to play crucial role in smartphone and PC momentum for 2024
The momentum driving the demand growth for hardware end devices such as PCs and smartphones in 2024 won't be limited to AI. While consumer electronic sales struggled in 2023, the...
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