Tuesday 27 August 2019
AirPods, Google Home production in China may be moved to Southeast Asia
Apple is moving to have its AirPods contract makers shift production from China to Vietnam and Google is also mulling asking its smart speaker manufacturing partners to move production...
Tuesday 16 January 2018
IC packager Lingsen to benefit from explosive demand for MEMS microphones
With smart speakers emerging as new fashion devices at CES 2018 and global tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Apple and Alibaba rushing to release new products, the global market...
Thursday 20 October 2016
Revenue growth sounding strong for suppliers of packaged MEMS microphones, says IHS
Knowles, Goertek and AAC ranked as the top three global suppliers of packaged MEMS microphones for 2015, according to IHS Markit.
Thursday 19 June 2014
Knowles and Infineon are top suppliers of packaged MEMS microphones and bare microphone dies, says IHS
The global market for MEMS microphone chips is split into dual segments that are dominated by two suppliers: Knowles and Infineon Technologies AG, according to IHS.
Monday 6 April 2009
China-based GoerTek enters MEMS microphone market with Taiwan-based foundry
China-based ECM microphone supplier GoerTek plans to begin supplying MEMS microphones to handset customers in April or May with production undertaken by a Taiwan-based foundry, said...
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Taiwan IPC makers pushing integrated services to boost profits and to see revenues grow in 2024, says DIGITIMES Research