Friday 26 April 2024
Chinese homegrown automakers forthright about potential EV overemphasis
The Chinese car market has gained worldwide traction because of EVs. Homegrown automakers seize the opportunity to scale inside and outside China. The country has put many resources...
Thursday 21 March 2024
Geely says no order from government to buy local auto chips
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. President Andy An pushed back against the notion the Chinese government...
Friday 16 February 2024
VW surpasses BYD as China's top car vendor
According to international media reports, the Chinese automotive market saw an unexpected sales performance in January from Volkswagen, which took first place in local production...
Monday 5 February 2024
Geespace launches 11 satellites, enhancing navigation for Geely EVs
Geely Group's subsidiary, Geespace, has propelled itself into the forefront of satellite technology once again. The company announced the successful launch of 11 low-Earth orbit satellites,...
Thursday 28 December 2023
Chinese automakers' offense drives global car industry development
China's automotive industry reached a milestone in 2023. The country became the world's largest car exporter this year and saw the homegrown automakers occupy over 50% of the domestic...
Wednesday 20 December 2023
China's supply chain speeds up commercial space ventures
In 2023, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite industry is buzzing with positive news on multiple fronts. Firstly, SpaceX has reported a positive cash flow for its Starlink service,...
Wednesday 13 December 2023
Chinese automakers step up in-house lithium battery development
Chinese automakers are investing in the self-development and manufacturing of lithium batteries, which is gradually generating results, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 6 December 2023
New round of EV price wars rages; industry experts estimate worse conditions in 2024
As the year draws to an end, Chinese automakers have launched a new round of price wars, hoping to meet their annual sales target. The competition has intensified this year: even...
Friday 1 December 2023
Nio adds Geely as battery-swapping ecosystem partner
China-based EV company Nio secured a partnership with another traditional carmaker in China. Nio signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Geely Holding on November 29 for battery...
Friday 24 November 2023
Chinese EV makers seeking partners for advanced chip development
More Chinese electric vehicle (EV) businesses are developing advanced sub-7nm chips in-house and are looking to Taiwan for ASIC and foundry partners, according to industry sources...
Wednesday 23 August 2023
China's price war slightly affects Geely's gross profit margin in 1H23
China-based Geely Automobile's profitability has remained stable in the first half of 2023. While the company saw its revenue grow by more than 25% from 2022, its gross profit margin...
Friday 21 July 2023
Chinese IC designers keen to develop homegrown smart cockpit SoCs
Along with cars moving toward electrification and intelligence, the smart cockpit market is gradually gaining prominence. Currently, many Chinese carmakers adopt intelligent cockpit...
Thursday 13 July 2023
Geely and Renault ink agreement to establish hybrid, ICE powertrain joint venture
China-based Geely Holding Group and French Renault signed an agreement to set up a 50/50 joint venture to develop and produce powertrains for hybrid and internal combustion engine...
Tuesday 11 July 2023
Cars with smartphone integration garner attention
The integration of upcoming vehicles and smartphones has garnered international attention; however, industry observers noted that Eastern and Western automakers are employing very...
Wednesday 28 June 2023
China auto market recovery remains insignificant
The recovery of the Chinese auto market is expected to be insignificant in June, according to statistics from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).