Thursday 9 May 2024
Power surge: Taiwanese firms charge ahead in next-gen AI supply race
The surge in computational power of next-gen AI hardware has birthed a booming market for stable and efficient electric supply.
Thursday 13 January 2022
FSP launches new 2400W power supply to address bottlenecks in high-energy computing
Ahead of an expected surge in demand for high-energy computing, FSP Group, one of the leading global power supply manufacturers, has launched the FSP2400-20FM, the latest version...
Friday 22 October 2021
FSP provides high reliable power supplies in smart transportation
The world is currently undergoing a wave of smart transformation, including in the transportation sector. As an established player in the power supply industry, FSP has started to...
Wednesday 23 June 2021
FSP's power supply and micro-customization services help implement 5G smart manufacturing
With the rise of the 5G smart manufacturing trend, the volume of equipment in factories is expanding and processes are continuously being refined, which has led to an increasing demand...
Monday 21 June 2021
FSP to enjoy strong 2H21
Notebook power supply maker FSP Group is expected to see robust sales in the second half as demand for notebooks remains strong amid the lingering coronavirus pandemic.
Wednesday 12 May 2021
FSP releases battery chargers for AGV and AMR
The pandemic has changed people's way of life. Changes in the consumption habits of the general public have led to rapid e-commerce and shipping market growth. Logistic processing...
Wednesday 14 April 2021
FSP Group launches new open frame power supply for networking switch and PoE switch applications
Eyeing the huge market demand, FSP Group provides the industry's fullest range of open frame power supply for networking switch and PoE switch applications. The model series comes...
Friday 12 March 2021
CRPS power solutions for 5G applications
A great amount of reconstruction of hardware equipment is required by terminal applications, macro sites, micro Sites, transmission networks, core networks, or cloud data centers...
Thursday 11 March 2021
FSP offers full spectrum of power supply solutions, enabling 5G smart living
FSP has long been committed to providing a wide range of reliable power supply solutions to help realize the future of smart living. Comprising hundreds of software and hardware engineers...
Thursday 8 October 2020
FSP powering up and connecting to smart life
In the advent of the era of intelligentization, digitalization, and networking, the FSP Group provides various stable and reliable power solutions to realize the vision of smart life...
Monday 5 October 2020
FSP launches 420W PoE open frame power solutions
With the increasing demand for the environment and high resolution of the Internet of Things, various smart scenarios (such as smart factories, smart transportation, and image recognition...
Wednesday 2 March 2011
CeBIT 2011: Power solution for home and office from FSP
CeBIT 2011 marks yet another milestone for FSP Group, as it is the first time FSP will showcase only its retail product line, ranging from power supply, laptop adaptor, power bank...
Tuesday 10 March 2009
Power supply maker FSP enters LED streetlamp market
Taiwan-based power supply maker FSP Technology has entered the LED streetlamp market, with current shipments reaching 1,000-2,000 units per month, according to market sources.