Thursday 7 December 2023
Revolutionizing dialysis: Qidni Labs founder & CEO Morteza Ahmadi's quest to improve patient's quality of life
Founded in 2014, the Canadian startup Qidni Labs has a bold mission: to develop the most accessible and affordable dialysis technology for millions of patients suffering from kidney...
Monday 16 October 2023
TSMC founder Morris Chang sounds alarm on shrinking competitiveness amid eroding globalization
TSMC founder Morris Chang cautioned that TSMC's edge in the semiconductor industry may erode due to geopolitical and economic challenges. He believes Japan is expected to stand out...
Thursday 21 September 2023
Acer founder Stan Shih seeks to build future ship together with Taiwan's industries
Acer Group founder Stan Shih is personally leading a cross-industry collaboration, partnering Acer and Wistron with Formosa Plastics, Novatec Yachts, and Monte Fino Yachts to build...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Tech industry key conversation (part 2): DIGITIMES founder Colley Hwang vs. Avnet CEO Phil Gallagher
In Part 1, Gallagher mentioned that it will take two to three quarters to address the supply chain inventory issues. However,...
Tuesday 12 September 2023
Tech industry key conversation (Part 1): DIGITIMES founder Colley Hwang vs. Avnet CEO Phil Gallagher
In 2023, the world went through a "major shortage" in the semiconductor industry chain. However, though the economic situation quickly corrected, uncertainties such as inflation and...
Monday 4 September 2023
Terry Gou resigns from Foxconn board
Terry Gou, the founder of Hon Hai Technology Group (commonly known as Foxconn), tendered his resignation as a director of the company, citing "personal reasons," according to a company...
Monday 28 August 2023
AMEC founder confident to achieve 100% import substitution by 2H24
Gerald Yin, who established Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc. China (AMEC) at the age of 60 after returning from the United States, is acclaimed as the "Father of Etching...
Tuesday 4 July 2023
SMIC founder highlights China's strength in automotive semiconductor production
China is a competitive location for the production of advanced semiconductors due to strong government support, high productivity, abundant resources, massive labor force, and extensive...
Monday 12 June 2023
Nio sees margin drop in 1Q23; founder says breakeven point postponed to 2024
China-based EV company Nio saw margin declines in the first quarter of the year. While it will continue major R&D investments, the carmaker acknowledged that it had adjusted some...
Saturday 27 May 2023
Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang: run for food or run from becoming food
Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of GPU company Nvidia, encouraged students to be agile for the opportunities brought by the AI revolution, to have the humility to admit failure...
Wednesday 17 May 2023
Vietnam EV maker VinFast targets profit after 2025, founder says
VinFast founder Pham Nhat Vuong said the electric vehicle maker could be profitable after 2025 if operations are "smooth" and break even by the end of 2024.
Monday 27 March 2023
Founder of iPhone maker Foxconn to visit US to rev up Taiwan presidential bid
Terry Gou, the billionaire founder of Foxconn Technology Group, is embarking on a 12-day trip to the US, as the independent presidential hopeful seeks to convince voters of his ability...
Thursday 16 March 2023
TSMC founder Morris Chang, for the first time, expressed support for Washington's China policy
Morris Chang, the founder of TSMC, and Chris Miller, the author of the book 'Chip War', today had an exchange on the topic of global chip conversation and Taiwan's role within.
Friday 17 February 2023
Arctic Semiconductor ships its 1st 5G RF chipset
Arctic Semiconductor has rebranded from SiTune to Arctic Semiconductor to emphasize its focus on 5G RF products, and has started shipping its first 5G silicon chipset, IceWings, in...
Wednesday 8 February 2023
Powin hopes to cooperate with Taiwan makers to produce LFP battery modules in US: Q&A with company founder
US-based energy storage system developer Powin Energy, in a bid to obtain subsidies arising from Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), is actively planning to produce LFP (lithium iron phosphate)...
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Summary of Tech Supply Chain News!
Global semiconductor revenue to top US$600 billion in 2024, says DIGITIMES Research
China's homegrown NearLink wireless tech to challenge Wi-Fi dominance, says DIGITIMES Research
China's smartphone shipments threaten 20% slide in 1Q24 says DIGITIMES Research