Wednesday 21 March 2012
Italy expected to have 2GW solar installation demand in 2Q12
The government in Italy will be making feed-in-tariff (FIT) cuts in June, and the industry believes a surge of demand about 2GW will happen in the second quarter before the cut.
Friday 9 March 2012
Commentary: One step closer to grid parity
Germany has announced new feed-in-tariff (FIT) cuts that have larger magnitude than expected. The effects are likely to ripple across the supply chain. Digitimes met up with Davis...
Thursday 8 March 2012
Announcement of Japan renewable energy policy delayed to end of April
The solar industry hoped Japan would announce renewable energy policies in January or February; however, any announcements have been delayed to the end of April. Industry sources...
Wednesday 7 March 2012
Polysilicon spot price falls below US$30/kg due to pessimistic market outlook
Germany's feed-in-tariff (FIT) cuts have caused pessimism in the solar market. Some solar firms have been reportedly selling materials to prevent losses from depreciating inventory...
Saturday 3 March 2012
China-based makers lower PV module prices in response to Germany feed-in tariff cuts
As the government in Germany has decided to reduce feed-in tariff rates for PV systems effective on March 9, leading China-based PV module makers have lowered quotes by 20% from 0.70EUR/W...
Friday 2 March 2012
Germany incentive cuts to hit local solar PV system firms first
The government in Germany plans to cut feed-in-tariffs (FIT) of small-size solar PV systems by 20% and large-size systems by 30%. In addition, systems that are above 10MW will not...
Wednesday 29 February 2012
Germany incentive cut dissolves price increases hoped for by solar firms
Germany has announced new incentive cuts will be initiated in March 9, 2012. The industry expected such measures to be taken in April 1, 2012, but never expected the date being moved...
Friday 24 February 2012
New incentive cuts in Germany may begin on March 9
The German government announced new incentive cuts on February 23. For the feed-in-tariff (FIT) of solar PV systems under 10KW, the incentive cut will be 20%. For systems from 10KW-1MW,...
Monday 6 February 2012
Solar firms face numerous entry barriers in non-Europe markets
Germany, the world's largest solar market, continues to influence the solar industry with policies. The market suspects Germany to move mid-year incentive cuts to April 1, 2012. Germany...
Saturday 4 February 2012
Decrease in solar installation costs causes governments to make incentive cuts
The price of solar products decreased around 50% in 2011 due to a demand freeze and oversupply. This has caused the cost of installing solar PV systems to drop rapidly.
Thursday 2 February 2012
China lowers solar FIT to CNY7/watt, says report
China's 2012 feed-in-tariff (FIT) for user-side solar PV systems has been adjusted to CNY7/watt from the previous CNY9/watt, news outlet Solarzoom indicated in a recent article. The...
Tuesday 31 January 2012
Germany leads resurgent European growth late in 2011, says Solarbuzz
A 23% sequential rise in the fourth-quarter 20111 European photovoltaic market has created short-term optimism in the industry, which has been amplified by the slowdown in module...
Monday 16 January 2012
Privatized solar firms in China unlikely to benefit from domestic market expansions, says report
The low demand of the solar market in 2011 has been pushing China to develop its own domestic solar demand. However, according to China news outlet NE21, most power plants are under...
Monday 16 January 2012
Digitimes Research: Global solar market share of Germany and Italy to decrease in 2012
Germany has announced that 2011 solar PV system installations totaled 7.5GW, and in particular the installations in the fourth quarter alone reached 4.15GW. This means more than 50%...
Monday 16 January 2012
Germany government said to be about to discuss additional solar incentive cuts
The unexpected high number of solar PV system installations in Germany in 2011 may ignite the possibility for the government to initiate incentive cuts. The latest possible version...