Monday 6 August 2012
Global solar installations increase due to government policies, says PIDA
Solar installations in 2012 will continue to be affected by government policies, according to Taiwan's Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA).
Friday 3 August 2012
No end-of-year rush expected for Germany solar market in 2012, says IHS
A midyear subsidy change approved by the German government for solar PV installations in rooftops will continue to drive solar demand for the remainder of 2012, although no year-end...
Wednesday 1 August 2012
China expands protection mechanism of domestic solar firms
China-based solar firms have been facing rising trade barriers from the US, India and Europe. To protect the domestic industry, China government has been expanding the domestic market...
Thursday 19 July 2012
Japan solar market may face PV inverter shortages
Many solar firms have been optimistic about Japan's solar market due to the high feed-in-tariff (FIT) rates. Nevertheless, industry sources noted that most PV inverters that have...
Friday 13 July 2012
Commentary: Japan government needs to do more to protect domestic solar industry
The government in Japan recently announced lucrative solar feed-in-tariffs that have sparked discussions about Japan becoming the world's second-largest solar market. However, it...
Wednesday 11 July 2012
Bulgaria cuts solar FITs by 50%
Following Germany's April 1 solar incentive cut policies, Bulgaria announced 50% solar incentive cuts in effect on July 1. Italy has been rumored to announce new Conto Energia 5 (CE5)...
Tuesday 10 July 2012
Japan government expected to set barriers for imported solar modules
As the feed-in tariff (FIT) rate of JPY42 (US$0.53)/kWh offered by the Japan government for installing solar PV systems has attracted many foreign suppliers of solar products which...
Friday 29 June 2012
Japan solar subsidies expected to heat up competition for solar PV system sites
As the Japan government will bring into force a feed-in tariff (FIT) rate of JPY42/kWh (US$0.53/kWh) for solar PV systems on July 1, 2012, the attractive rate is expected to cause...
Tuesday 15 May 2012
Germany FIT uncertainty ignites hope for Europe solar market in 3Q12
The Germany government's solar feed-in tariff (FIT) reductions, which took effect on April 1, may have to be revised because Germany Bundesrat (Federal Council) last week did not...
Tuesday 24 April 2012
Japan new FIT rate likely to be JPY42/kWh
The Japan government is expected to announce a new feed-in-tariff rate for solar PV system installations in July 2012. The new rate is reportedly around JPY42/kWh (US$0.52/kWh). Buy-back...
Monday 16 April 2012
Taiwan market: Energy price hike may promote rooftop solar PV systems
The Taiwan government plans to raise off-peak power rates for industrial use by 60%, and this may encourage manufacturers to apply to install solar PV systems on the roofs of their...
Tuesday 10 April 2012
China-based makers pessimistic about global solar demand in 2H12
Despite incentive cuts in Germany and soon by Italy, demand in the global solar market has been healthy in first-half 2012. Industry sources believe that customers want to begin solar...
Tuesday 3 April 2012
Solar cell prices drop due to April 1 incentive cuts in Germany
Solar cell price dropped to US$0.45/W from US$0.48-0.50/W in recent days due to the April 1 incentive cuts taken by the Germany government, a decrease of 5%.
Thursday 29 March 2012
Taiwan aims to have 3.1GW of solar PV systems by 2030
Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has set a target of accumulated solar PV system installations at 3.1GW by 2030. In addition, the MOEA aims to finish 600 windpower inst...
Wednesday 28 March 2012
Germany likely to maintain April 1 solar incentive cuts between 20-40%
The government in Germany is expected to announce solar incentive cuts on April 1. The magnitude of the cuts will likely be the same as previously announced, between 20-40% depending...