Wednesday 21 February 2024
EIH to hire staff for capacity expansion
Taiwan-based E Ink Holdings (EIH), a provider of e-paper solutions, has launched a recruitment initiative to hire an additional 150 individuals for capacity expansion over the next...
Tuesday 16 January 2024
EIH color-changing e-paper gets ready for mass-market devices
BMW's color-changing concept cars using E Ink Holdings' (EIH's) technology, were missing from CES 2024, while they have wowed the audience and CES 2022 and 2023. The absence has left...
Wednesday 3 January 2024
Competition rises in Chinese color e-paper market
In China's color e-paper market, competition has become increasingly evident and intense between E Ink Holdings' (EIH's) electrophoretic display (EPD) camp and Iris Optronics and...
Monday 4 December 2023
E Ink and AUO innovate smart healthcare: low-power e-paper and Chinese medicine innovations
AUO and E Ink, major players in the information communication technology (ICT) sector, have ventured into the healthcare system with their innovative solutions that aim to innovate...
Thursday 16 November 2023
EIH pushes back recovery projections; current states of the e-ink market
E Ink Holdings (EIH) Chairperson Johnson Lee recently revised the firm's revenue outlook for 2023 for the third time in its earnings call on November 15. The firm's projection went...
Wednesday 11 October 2023
EIH set to mass produce cutting-edge color e-paper solutions in 2024
Taiwan's E Ink Holdings (EIH), staying at the forefront of revolutionizing color electronic paper applications, is on track to volume produce its groundbreaking E Ink Spectra 6 color...
Thursday 28 September 2023
Netronix expects double-digit growth this year despite e-paper industry headwinds
With electronic shelf labels (ESLs) moving from three to four colors and e-readers from black and white to color, the e-paper industry is facing some headwinds.
Monday 25 September 2023
ChLC-based e-paper camp seeking to fill Chinese market gap left by Amazon exit
As Amazon has ceased the operation of its Kindle e-book store in China, now the world's largest e-book reader consumer market, Taiwan's cholesterol liquid crystal (ChLC) e-paper display...
Thursday 21 September 2023
​​Paperless policy in China to boost e-paper demand
China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and Ministry of Finance recently jointly issued the Action Plan for Steady Growth of the Electronic Information Manufacturing...
Tuesday 29 August 2023
Taiwanese display firms join hands to provide solutions for bookstore
Taiwan-based active-matrix (AM) miniLED flexible display provider PanelSemi, a subsidiary of Innolux, has partnered with E Ink, RapidSignage, and TopRGB Opto to release AM miniLED...
Wednesday 23 August 2023
EIH sees disappointing demand for electronic shelf labels
E Ink Holdings (EIH), a provider of e-paper solutions, recently reduced its 2023 revenue forecast, due partly to the slow progress of electronic shelf label (ESL) upgrades and conv...
Monday 21 August 2023
E Ink's color-changing e-paper enables imaginative product innovation
Color-changing e-paper was applied to a BMW concept car, which made the technology a hit. Later, kitchen brand Kohler applied it to a toilet, which was also refreshing, and now the...
Thursday 17 August 2023
E Ink revises 2023 revenue downward and projects upward trend in 2024
E Ink, a major e-paper manufacturer recently made the third revision to its annual revenue estimate with the number going from a double-digit on-year growth to a flat or a single-digit...
Wednesday 2 August 2023
China dominates e-paper module production as demand grows
China has become the primary production base for e-paper modules, accounting for over 90% of the global shipments. As the demand for electronic paper rises, firms in China are positioning...
Monday 17 July 2023
Colored e-paper to be used for digital out-of-home billboards
Electronic paper (e-paper) manufacturer EIH Holdings (EIH) is optimistic about the digital out-of-home (DOOH) market. It has introduced the Kaleido 3 Outdoor color printing electronic...
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