Thursday 28 March 2024
Chinese state-owned companies expanding presence in semiconductor industry
Chinese state-backed enterprises are expanding their presence in the semiconductor industry, the latest example being China Resources' takeover of backend house Jiangsu Changjiang...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
China Resource pays CNY11.6 billion to gain full control of JCET
The buyer behind the change of controlling interest in Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Tech (JCET), the world's third-largest IC packaging and testing company and the largest in Mainland...
Tuesday 11 July 2023
Power semiconductors now a focus of Chinese foundry expansion
Mounting external restrictions have brought short-term pain to China's wafer foundries, forcing Chinese semiconductor manufacturers to accelerate localization. Their goal is to build...
Thursday 16 March 2023
China makers building own IGBT supply chain for EV applications
Ever-rising demand for electrical vehicles (EVs) is driving fast development of IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) module applications, prompting Chinese semiconductor players...
Thursday 12 January 2023
New CR Micro fab and backend site in Chongqing kicks off operations
China Resources Microelectronics (CR Micro) has kickstarted the operations of its new 12-inch fab and an advanced backend site in Chongqing, China, according to sources at the Chinese...
Tuesday 6 December 2022
IDMs see clear auto IGBT order visibility through 2023
The supply of automotive IGBT continues to fall short of demand, and international IDMs have seen clear order visibility throughout 2023, while Chinese semiconductor companies are...
Thursday 24 November 2022
Automotive clients reducing inventory of components not in short supply
Automakers reportedly are scaling down orders for components which have long been in stable supply or have become more easily available, so as to reduce inventory costs, while some...
Friday 21 October 2022
Global 200mm fab capacity to surge 20% through 2025, says SEMI
Semiconductor manufacturers worldwide are expected to see their combined 200mm fab capacity increase 20% from 2021 through 2025, adding 13 new 200mm lines as the industry reaches...
Tuesday 27 September 2022
China chipmakers on capacity expansion spree for car-use power devices
While weak demand for consumer chips lingers, structural shortages of automotive chips remains unresolved, prompting China semiconductor players including Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric...
Wednesday 6 July 2022
China foundries raise new funds to expand 12-inch fab capacity
Chinese foundry houses including Hua Hong Semiconductor and CanSemi Technology recently have successfully raised new funds to finance capacity expansions at their 12-inch wafer fabs,...
Wednesday 29 June 2022
China makers keen on expanding capacity for 12-inch silicon wafers
China-based silicon wafer makers are aggressively proceeding with capacity expansions for 12-inch offerings, which is expected to improve the country's semiconductor self-sufficiency,...
Tuesday 11 January 2022
China chipmakers reportedly build additional output for power semiconductors
China-based chipmakers including China Resources Microelectronics (CR Micro), Silan Microelectronics and StarPower Semiconductor have reportedly stepped up their capacity expansion...
Monday 3 January 2022
China accelerates development of SiC MOSFET for power semiconductors
China-based companies such as China Resources Microelectronics (CR Micro), Silian Microelectronics and NCE Power are actively developing high-end power semiconductor product lines.
Tuesday 16 November 2021
Unfair competition in 3rd-gen semiconductors race, say Taiwan makers
China has been aggressively developing its domestic third-generation semiconductor supply chain with government subsidies, which Taiwan-based makers regard as unfair competition challenging...
Friday 6 August 2021
MCU prices in China may return to normal track, says Nuvoton CEO
China's regulators investigating the alleged price gouging by Chinese distributors of automotive MCUs is good news for Taiwan-based MCU maker Nuvoton Technology and other local peers,...
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