Friday 24 May 2024
Rising costs likely to result in 2H24 mobile phone price increases
In the second half of 2024, mobile phone brands are likely to face even greater pressure on operations.
Wednesday 8 May 2024
Profitability in 2H24 a concern for smartphone makers, as component costs rise by 6-9%
Although demand for smartphones, wearables, and tablets is expected to grow in the second half of 2024, Samsung Electronics has recently pointed to uncertainties that could potentially...
Thursday 2 May 2024
Chinese semiconductor firms raising prices on soaring precious metal costs
Many Chinese semiconductor firms have told customers they are raising prices due to rising costs of precious metals, such as gold and copper, according to industry sources.
Thursday 18 April 2024
Stanford research reveals AI model training costs soared to record-high
Stanford University's HAI Institute reports that AI development in the industry surged ahead of academia in 2023, with training costs for advanced AI models hitting record highs.
Wednesday 20 March 2024
Samsung grapples with surging procurement costs amid global inflation, geopolitical factors
Samsung Electronics witnessed a significant surge in the procurement costs of raw materials for IT products in 2023.
Wednesday 6 March 2024
Power chip and MCU price increases: reflecting costs or market recovery?
Power semiconductors and MicroController Units (MCU) have started a new wave of price hikes; however, it is unclear if this signals a market rebound or merely cost increases.
Friday 16 February 2024
MCU prices return to pre-pandemic levels
Although consumer MCU demand remains low, overall MCU prices have returned to pre-pandemic levels, according to industry sources.
Thursday 13 July 2023
Notebook component suppliers to embrace rising costs
Notebook component suppliers are bracing for increased logistics and other costs as ODMs relocate production lines out of China to places such as Vietnam and Thailand, according to...
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