Friday 17 November 2023
Yulon's EVs boost: subsidiary envisions expansion in connector deployment by 2024
Yulon Finance, a subsidiary of Yulon Group, conducted an online earnings call. During the session, CEO Kuo-Hsing Hsu noted that the deployment of EV charging connectors would see...
Friday 20 October 2023
Toyota joins the crowd to adopt Tesla charging connector in 2025
Toyota Motor announced on October 19 that it will adopt Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS) in North America, just like Ford, General Motors, and many other competitors...
Wednesday 18 October 2023
Connector makers keen to tap high-speed data transmission demand amid AI server boom
In an era of unprecedented data growth driven by devices ranging from notebooks to AI servers, the demand for high-speed data transmission at both the equipment and user ends continues...
Wednesday 18 October 2023
US sees Tesla charging connector adoption grow while Japan starts testing in-road EV charging
The availability of charging infrastructure is one of the hurdles EVs must cross before full-scale adoption arrives. In the US, more carmakers said they will use Tesla's charging...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Universal USB-C requirement boon to Taiwan supply chains
As expected, Apple has adopted the USB Type-C port for all devices in its iPhone 15 lineup. According to supply chain sources, due to the European Union (EU) requiring all electronic...
Friday 25 August 2023
EV charging gun suppliers cautious about Tesla connector adoption
Tesla boasts about its innovation in automotive technology. However, the change in its charging connectors once created chaos for EV owners and charging service providers. While many...
Friday 25 August 2023
Notebook component suppliers land more short lead-time orders
Notebook component suppliers have observed a trend in which their customers increasingly opt for short lead-time orders as opposed to regular ones, according to industry sources....
Friday 28 July 2023
CCS1 still surviving despite aggressive Tesla NACS penetration in US, according to DIGITIMES Research
Tesla has seen its North American Charging Standard (NACS) gaining traction after winning Ford over two months ago. However, DIGITIMES analyst Evan Chen said Combined Charging System...
Thursday 29 June 2023
Notebook component suppliers see demand pick up
Notebook connector and other component providers have recently experienced an increase in demand, indicating that the worst is over, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 28 June 2023
Tesla charging connector to get standardized across North America
Tesla is poised to gain influence in North America's charging infrastructure deployment. SAE International announced on June 27 that it will standardize the North American Charging...
Thursday 1 June 2023
Foxlink to see revenue boost from offshore wind projects: shareholder meeting
Foxlink (or Cheng Uei Precision Industry) is looking at the same revenue numbers as 2022, but with better gross margin and gross profit. It is also increasing its non-China-based...
Friday 26 May 2023
Ford to equip EVs with built-in connector of Tesla Supercharger from 2025 onward
Ford Motor announced that its EV customers will be able to charge with Tesla Superchargers in the US and Canada next year. Moreover, Ford plans to integrate the connector of the supercharger...
Tuesday 25 April 2023
Connector maker SpeedTech unveils new factories overseas
Speedtech, a Taiwan-based connector manufacturer, has announced new factory projects in Mexico and Malaysia to meet the needs of customers in the decentralized supply chain.
Thursday 30 March 2023
CviLux expects notebook demand to rebound in May-June
Electronic connector specialist CviLux said its customers are making progress on inventory corrections and expects demand for notebooks to rebound between May and June.
Friday 24 March 2023
Connector maker Foxlink expects sales growth in 2023
Connector and cable maker Foxlink has expressed optimism about its performance this year, citing strong demand for USB Type-C interface devices.
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