Monday 29 April 2024
Tata reportedly developing in-house CNC tools for iPhone casing
The Economic Times quoted sources saying that Tata Electronics, which joined the ranks of Apple suppliers in recent years, is now engaged in internally developing very sophisticated...
Friday 1 October 2021
Component makers concerned about impact of China power cuts
Component suppliers with manufacturing operations in Kunshan and Suzhou have expressed concerns about the impact of government-led power cuts on their local plants in China, and are...
Tuesday 2 April 2019
Waffer Kunshan plant hit by explosion
An explosion hit metal chassis maker Waffer Technology's plant in Kunshan, China on March 31, with seven people reported to have died and another five injured.
Monday 22 October 2018
Security and management key to digital manufacturing: Q&A with Identify 3D CSO Stephan Thomas
As digital manufacturing is gradually becoming an important part of the worldwide manufacturing industry, data security and supply chain management are major concerns for many large...
Wednesday 3 January 2018
Smart vibration monitoring solution brings intelligence to CNC machining to maximize profits
As portable phones continue to evolve functionally, their physical appearance has changed commensurately, with plastic body shells giving way to slim and lightweight metal casings...
Monday 15 May 2017
Jarllytec nets NT$1.57 per share for 1Q17
Notebook and LCD monitor hinge maker Jarllytec has reported first-quarter consolidated revenues of NT$1.32 billion (US$43.4 million), gross margin 24.47%, net operating profit NT$143.3...
Friday 7 August 2015
Catcher sees healthy CNC machine industry for next 1-2 years
Responding to market watchers' concerns about CNC equipment demand as Japan-based CNC equipment maker Fanuc has recently announced poor financial performance, Catcher Technology chairman...
Tuesday 9 June 2015
Catcher Technology expects good 2015
Metal-alloy chassis maker Catcher Technology, in view of growing demand for smartphones and increasing complexity and difficulty in chassis design, expects good 2015 business operations,...
Monday 15 December 2014
Ju Teng receives CNC machine sets believed to be from Microsoft
Chassis maker Ju Teng has announced to acquire 500 CNC machine sets from a client and the plan will increase Ju Teng's overall number of CNC machine sets to 4,000. Market watchers...
Monday 10 November 2014
Casetek sets capex budget of US$505 million
Metal-alloy casing maker Casetek Holdings has decided to set aside a capex budget of US$505 million to expand production capacity in 2015. The company's capex budget for 2014 was...
Wednesday 3 September 2014
Shortage of CNC capacity to remain until 2015, say chassis makers
Because a large portion of CNC machines are being used to carve out unibody metal-alloy chassis for iPhones, and Japan-, South Korea- and China-based smartphone vendors have adopted...