Tuesday 16 April 2024
Top Japanese carmakers solidify EV battery recycling plans as Toyota partners with Minmetals
Meiwa Corporation, a Japan-based chemical material producer, Toyota, and China Minmetals Corporation recently announced they will set up a joint venture for EV battery recycling in...
Thursday 22 February 2024
EU's battery recycling mandates spark surge in market potential
The EU Batteries Regulation, which came into force on February 18, 2024, mandates that new batteries must incorporate a specified proportion of recycled materials beginning...
Tuesday 26 December 2023
Building sound EV battery material supply chains
The electrification of road transportation stands as a revolutionary force, a light of hope in the global quest to curb greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change. This groundbreaking...
Tuesday 12 September 2023
India's EV boom: the rising significance of battery recycling
As the demand for EVs in India continues to rise, so does the need for batteries. At the moment, lithium-ion batteries are the primary roadblock in India's efforts to be self-sufficient...
Monday 4 September 2023
Japan's EV ambitions hits bumps on its road to battery recycling
While the American journal Foreign Policy highlights China's restrictions on mineral exports, particularly rare earth minerals crucial for EV motors and battery components,...
Friday 30 June 2023
CATL aims to establish EV battery recycling sites in Europe, North America
Battery giant CATL is taking a step further to consolidate its dominance in the industry. The company's manufacturing head said it plans to set up EV battery recycling sites with...
Tuesday 7 March 2023
Formosa Smart Energy forging close ties with major carmaker
Formosa Smart Energy Tech (FSET) has reportedly been approached by a major European carmaker with plans to jointly construct a lithium battery plant in the US.
Friday 4 November 2022
India's largest E-waste recycler sets up li-ion battery recycling plant in India
India's largest E-waste recycling company Attero Recycling plans to build the second lithium-ion recycling plant in India with an eye on the opportunities brought by the growing adoption...
Monday 19 September 2022
TES to work with fleet operator for EV battery recycling charging infrastructure expansion in Singapore
Singapore-based TES and Strides Mobility have signed an MoU to collaborate on lithium-ion battery recycling and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure expansion in the Southeast...
Friday 2 September 2022
CATL stepping up battery materials recycling
Galloping prices of power battery materials are heaping heavy cost pressures on both EV and battery makers, fueling a new wave of materials recycling development in China, with even...
Wednesday 1 June 2022
India's largest e-recycler spends US$10 billion on EV battery recycling
Given lithium-ion batteries becoming ubiquitous, Attero, India's top electronic recycler, will expand overseas investment to meet 15% of global lithium-ion battery recycling demand...
Thursday 21 April 2022
Battery recycling technology provider Green Li-ion closes Series A with US$11.55 million
Singapore-based Green Li-ion, a battery recycling technology provider, closed its Series A funding round with US$11.55 million on April 20, 2022.
Monday 27 December 2021
Nissan to build EV battery recycling facilities in Europe and US in five years
Nissan will set up electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling plants in Europe and the US through its subsidiary before the fiscal year 2025, apart from continuing promoting battery...
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