Monday 16 October 2023
Supply chain reveals three reasons why brands are embracing foldable smartphones
With the growth of smartphones slowing down, various brands are actively embracing foldable designs. According to the supply chain, foldable products have three characteristics that...
Tuesday 29 August 2023
AVC upbeat about 3D vapor chamber demand
Cooling module maker Asia Vital Components (AVC), whose 3D vapor chambers (VC) are reportedly being certified by Nvidia, expressed optimism about 3D VC demand through 2024.
Thursday 10 August 2023
Cooling module maker AVC to expand production site in Vietnam
Cooling module maker Asia Vital Components (AVC) plans to expand its production site in Vietnam to meet growing demand from its US customers, according to the Taiwan-based company.
Wednesday 12 July 2023
Cooling module makers upbeat about AI server demand in 2H23
Cooling module manufacturers, such as Auras Technology and Asia Vital Components (AVC), are predicting relatively high demand for AI servers in the second half of this year, despite...
Wednesday 28 June 2023
TV sales value increases during China's 618 shopping festival
Online TV sales during China's 618 shopping festival increased in value but decreased in volume, according to data compiled by AVC Revo.
Thursday 11 May 2023
Heat dissipation in high demand for AI servers
Heat dissipation for servers is in high demand due to the popularity of AI, according to Spencer Shen, chairman of cooling module maker Asia Vital Components (AVC).
Tuesday 13 September 2022
China panel makers suffer from falling fab utilization rates
Chinese LCD panel makers have suffered from falling fab utilization rates, with BOE Technology poised to fall below 65% in September, according to AVC Revo.
Wednesday 10 August 2022
Cooling module maker AVC sees promising demand for servers
Despite a slowdown in short-term data center and other server demand, the long-term demand outlook is promising, according to Asia Vital Components (AVC), which specializes in thermal...
Monday 6 June 2022
Taiwanese cooling module makers turn to making VCs for HPC
Cooling module maker Auras Technology and Nidec Chaun-Choung Technology (CCI) are both turning their focuses to producing vapor chambers (VCs) for HPC and high-end notebook products,...
Wednesday 23 February 2022
China TV sales down in Lunar New Year shopping
In China, 3.13 million TVs were sold during Lunar New Year sales promotion from January 10-30, down 3.1% yeare-on-year, while the corresponding revenues of CNY9.4 billion (US$1.49...
Monday 21 February 2022
TV sales in China hit 12-year low in 2021, says AVC
There were 38.35 million TVs sold in the China market in 2021, decreasing 13.8% on year, the lowest annual level since 2010, according to China-based All View Cloud (AVC).
Tuesday 19 October 2021
TV sales during October holidays in China down 12.2% on year, says AVC
In the China market, 2.36 million TVs were sold during the week-long holidays in early October 2021, decreasing 12.2% on year, while the corresponding sales value of CNY9.1 billion...
Friday 6 August 2021
Global OEM TV shipments rise 16.5% in 1H21
Global shipments of OEM TVs totaled 45.9 million units in the first half of 2021, up 16.5% on year, according to AVC Revo. But challenges lie ahead as end-market demand is slowing...
Tuesday 13 April 2021
Vapor chamber demand for 5G phones disappoints
Vapor chamber (VC) demand for 5G smartphones has been a disappointment thus far in 2021, according to sources at cooling module suppliers.
Wednesday 24 March 2021
Cooling module maker AVC to ramp up shipments for cloud servers
Cooling module maker Asia Vital Components (AVC) will be scaling up its output for cloud servers and datacenters in 2021 when the Taiwan-based company expects its profits to hit another...
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