Monday 5 June 2023
AT&S on track to start IC substrate manufacturing in Malaysia in 2H2024
IC substrate and PCB maker AT&S (Advanced Technologies & Solutions) has been expanding its IC substrate manufacturing footprint in Asia before COVID-19 outbreak. It has moved...
Tuesday 26 April 2022
ABF substrate makers to see new capacity boost biz results in next 3 years
Taiwan-based ABF substrate suppliers including Unimicron Technology, Nan Ya PCB and Kinsus Interconnect Technology are expected to commercialize additional capacities boosting their...
Tuesday 22 March 2022
ABF substrate makers continue to see clients queue up for capacity
ABF substrate suppliers continue to see customers queue up for their available capacities, with the visibility of orders extended to at least 2027, according to industry sources.
Thursday 10 March 2022
TSMC, Unimicron to offer production solutions for Apple M1 Ultra
Apple has just unveiled its M1 Ultra SoC built using in-house-developed UltraFusion packaging architecture, which will be fabricated by TSMC with a 5nm process node and advanced packaging...
Tuesday 28 December 2021
Semco reportedly to build new ABF substrate capacity in Vietnam to serve Intel
Samsung Electro-Mechanics (Semco) reportedly will set up a new ABF substrate plant in Vietnam mainly to provide dedicated capacity for Intel, with construction slated to kick off...
Friday 8 October 2021
Samsung reportedly to build additional ABF substrate capacity
Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEMCO) reportedly plans to install a new production line for ABF-based flip chip ball grid array (FCBGA) substrates at its factory site in Vietnam, with...
Monday 27 September 2021
PCB suppliers optimistic about additional orders for iPhone 13 series
Taiwan's PCB makers in the supply chain of iPhone 13 series are set to know whether Apple will cut or increase orders during the last week of September, but most of them are optimistic...
Thursday 23 September 2021
Nan Ya to scale up ABF substrate output for AMD processors
Nan Ya PCB is set to commercialize new ABF substrate capacity by the end of 2021 and will scale up its output substantially for AMD's processors in the second quarter of 2022, which...
Thursday 23 September 2021
ABF substrate supply to remain constrained in 2022
Due to spec upgrades of new processors and growing difficulty in producing high-end ABF substrates with satisfactory yield rates, the world's actual ABF substrate supply growth could...
Friday 17 September 2021
AiP substrate shipments for new iPhones set to rise
Suppliers of antenna-in-package (AiP) substrates for Apple's new iPhones are gearing up for a ramp-up in demand for mmWave models, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 4 August 2021
ABF substrate makers gain orders through 2023 and beyond
ABF substrate suppliers have secured orders set to be fulfilled through 2023 and beyond, as major HPC chips vendors Intel, AMD, Nvidia and 5G networking chips supplier Xilinx have...
Tuesday 3 August 2021
China PCB maker DSBJ to step into IC substrate market
China's PCB maker Dongshan Precision Manufacturing (DSBJ) has disclosed plans to invest CNY1.5 billion (US$232.1 million) in establishing a new wholly-owned subsidiary that will be...
Monday 26 July 2021
Zhen Ding, AT&S keen on ABF substrates
Taiwan-based leading PCB maker Zhen Ding Technology and Austria's AT&S are set to enter the high-end ABF substrate segment where demand will stay robust through 2025, both making...
Friday 23 July 2021
ABF substrate supply may stay short of demand through 2023
ABF substrate supply is likely to remain short of demand through 2023 although makers in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea have all geared up capacity expansions at the request of chipmaking...
Wednesday 30 June 2021
Apple reportedly enlists five suppliers of AiP substrates for new mmWave iPhnones
Apple reportedly has enlisted AT&S as a new supplier of BT-based AiP (antenna in package) substrates for new 5G mmWave iPhones to be released later in the year, expanding to five...
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