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Tuesday 30 January 2024
ASMedia USB4 host controller gets USB-IF certified
ASMedia Technology has announced the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) certification of its USB4 host controller. This achievement makes it the first Taiwanese company and the third...
Monday 25 September 2023
Taiwan USB interface suppliers concerned more about Type-C adoption in notebooks than iPhones
The iPhone 15 series has officially adopted the USB Type-C interface in compliance with EU policies, which is widely believed to benefit Taiwan's high-speed transmission interface...
Thursday 18 May 2023
ASMedia expects revenue growth through 4Q23
ASMedia Technology, an affiliate of Asustek Computer specializing in high-speed transmission chips, expects to post sequential revenue increases through the fourth quarter of 2023,...
Friday 10 March 2023
USB chip demand promising
A wave of USB interface upgrades, as well as a potential PC replenishment later this year, will drive demand for USB device chips in 2023, according to industry sources in Taiwan.
Thursday 19 January 2023
High-speed transmission interface chip demand to rebound in 2H23
Taiwan's fabless makers of high-speed transmission interface ICs are expected to embrace a sure recovery in market demand in the second half of 2023, though they are still under inventory...
Wednesday 21 September 2022
AMD keen to secure capacity support from Taiwan
AMD CEO Lisa Su will meet with her TSMC counterpart CC Wei during her upcoming visit to Taiwan, as the US chip vendor looks to secure support from the foundry house and other value...
Monday 4 July 2022
Specific chip segments poised to embrace strong 3Q22
Despite chip demand for consumer electronics showing no signs of recovery, vendors of quite a few chip segments such as server ICs, automotive chips, high-speed transmission ICs,...
Wednesday 29 June 2022
AMD to launch new-gen desktop CPUs in mid-September
The upcoming AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 series desktop processors slated for launch in mid-September will give PC companies more time to digest their excess processor inventories, according...
Thursday 19 May 2022
ASMedia to enjoy robust shipments of USB 4.0 controllers
ASMedia Technology, an affiliate of Asustek Computer specializing in high-speed transmission chips, expects to see strong shipments of its USB 4.0 and power delivery (PD) controllers...
Friday 13 May 2022
ASMedia transitions to 28nm process for part of chip production
ASMedia Technology, an affiliate of Asustek Computer specializing in high-speed transmission chips, has transitioned to 28nm process manufacturing for part of its chip solutions while...
Friday 21 January 2022
Asustek, Pegatron subsidiaries boost consolidated results
Asustek Computer and Pegatron have both seen their subsidiaries contribute considerably to their total revenues in 2021 and are optimistic about further revenue and profit gains driven...
Friday 7 January 2022
Notebook peripheral IC specialists report strong sales for 2021
Notebook IC design specialists particularly those engaged in peripheral chips including touchscreen controllers and high-speed interface chips have reported impressive sales results...
Friday 26 November 2021
US puts China quantum computing companies on trade blacklist
The US Department of Commerce has imposed trade sanctions on a total of 27 foreign companies with 12 of them based in China, 13 in Pakistan, one in Japan and one in Singapore. These...
Friday 26 November 2021
Taiwan IC design houses brace for profit erosion
Taiwan-based IC design houses particularly second-tier players are poised to see their profits eroded by rising foundry costs in 2022, as their customers are increasingly reluctant...
Monday 27 September 2021
Taiwan IC vendors poised to raise prices in 4Q21
Several Taiwan-based IC design houses are poised to raise their chip prices starting the fourth quarter of 2021 to reflect rising manufacturing costs, according to industry sources...
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