Friday 31 May 2024
New MediaTek flagship chipset to use Arm 3nm processor architecture
MediaTek has confirmed it will use Arm's all-new 3nm flagship Cortex-X925 CPU and Immortalis G925 GPU on its new Dimensity 9400 platform in the second half of 2024.
Tuesday 28 May 2024
Loongson's next-generation CPU on par with Intel's Core i5, says Chairman Hu Weiwu
Chinese CPU maker Loongson Technology Founder and Chairman Hu Weiwu, who is also a Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Computing Technology researcher, told Xinhua News Agency...
Wednesday 22 May 2024
AI and Microsoft's backing for Arm chips may revive PC market
The PC sector, which had been relatively quiet for some time, has regained global attention due to two key developments: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Microsoft's backing for the...
Wednesday 13 March 2024
Speculation suggests MediaTek may join Arm-led SOAFEE
Recent market speculation suggests that MediaTek may join the Arm-led SOAFEE initiative, which seeks to accelerate the development of software-defined vehicle technology.
Friday 23 February 2024
Arm Total Design ecosystem expands
The Arm Total Design ecosystem has attracted international heavyweight partners. Arm Taiwan president CK Tseng pointed out that the existing infrastructure is no longer sufficient...
Wednesday 29 November 2023
Qualcomm promoting Arm chips for PCs
Qualcomm has stepped up its deployment in the PC processor market, promoting Arm-based chips, following Apple's success with Arm-based PCs.
Thursday 2 November 2023
Intel's new end-of-year product could face increased pressure with Arm PC competition heating up
As the competition between Apple and Qualcomm in the Arm PC market intensified, the Arm PC camp has seen its momentum rise alongside this rivalry. This has put significant pressure...
Wednesday 1 November 2023
M3-powered Mac products may hint at Apple's entry into AI PC field
Apple has unveiled its latest Mac products powered by self-developed M3 series processors manufactured with TSMC's 3nm node. While Apple did not say specifically the new offerings...
Tuesday 31 October 2023
CPU companies pushing into PC industry for AI opportunity
With AI expected to drive future growth in the PC industry, chip companies such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Samsung Electronics, Nvidia, MediaTek, and Apple are all gearing up...
Thursday 26 October 2023
Qualcomm eyeing bigger presence in PC processor market
Qualcomm has launched the Snapdragon X Elite platform equipped with the Qualcomm Oryon CPU for PCs, positioning itself to compete in the Arm PC processor category.
Monday 2 October 2023
How long could Huawei still rely on Arm IP licensing amid US chip bans and RISC-V rise?
For the SoftBank-backed Arm that just completed a blockbuster IPO in the US in mid-September, China is a critical market contributing a quarter of its annual revenues for fiscal 2023,...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Arm to dominate automotive IC architecture for next 10 years
Arm's chip architecture is anticipated to maintain its lead in the automotive IC market over the next 10 years, industry sources believe.
Wednesday 30 August 2023
Chinese chip companies accelerate RISC-V deployments
Amid the ongoing US-China tech war, Chinese companies, such as T-Head Semiconductor and StarFive Technology, are accelerating their development using the RISC-V architecture to avoid...
Friday 25 August 2023
Arm hopes to rely on AI for its IPO
British IP giant Arm recently made the big move of submitting an IPO application. However, the previously rumored high-profile anchor investors such as Apple, Intel, Nvidia, Amazon,...
Tuesday 15 August 2023
Will Samsung become strategic investor in Arm's upcoming IPO?
British silicon intellectual property (IP) supplier Arm reportedly has extended a wide invitation to semiconductor companies to become its strategic investors in its upcoming initial...
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