Monday 30 July 2018
Taiwan LCD TV shipments hike 15.9% on quarter in 2Q18, says Digitimes Research
Shipments of LCD TVs by Taiwan makers rose 15.9% sequentially to 7.65 million units in the second quarter of 2018, propelled by increased shipments of large-size and own-brand models,...
Wednesday 21 February 2018
Taiwan LCD TVs – 4Q 2017
Asia overtook North America to become Taiwan LCD TV suppliers' largest market in the fourth quarter of 2017, as a result of dramatic increases in shipments to China of Foxconn-made...
Wednesday 20 December 2017
Global LCD TV shipments to drop slightly in 2017
Global LCD TV shipments are expected to edge down 2.1% on year to 212 million units in 2017 before expanding by a CAGR of 1.2% during a forecast five-year period to reach 228 million...
Friday 11 August 2017
Amtran reports 3rd consecutive quarterly losses for 2Q17
TV ODM Amtran Technology has reported its third consecutive quarterly losses of NT$329 million (US$10.83 million) for the second quarter of 2017, affected by increased flat panel...
Wednesday 28 June 2017
China-based BOEVT becoming a major force in global ODM TV market
China-based TV ODM BOE Vision-Electronic Technology (BOEVT) has become a strong contender in the global ODM TV market, which is likely to affect the long-term developments of Taiwan-based...
Friday 20 January 2017
Amtran to ship companion robots, says paper
TV maker Amtran Technology has developed home-use robots mainly for accompanying children and the elderly and will begin shipments to the China market in second-quarter 2017 and then...
Tuesday 6 December 2016
Amtran Technology ships 340,000 LCD TVs, monitors in November
ODM Amtran Technology shipped 340,000 LCD TVs and monitors in November, increasing 34.0% on month, and 2.92 million units during January-November, hiking 59.6% on year, according...
Monday 8 August 2016
Amtran Technology ships 340,000 LCD TVs, monitors in July
ODM Amtran Technology shipped 340,000 LCD TVs and monitors in July, hiking 96.43% on year, and 1.77 million units in January-July, growing 95.06% on year, according to the company.
Wednesday 6 July 2016
Amtran ships 375,000 LCD TVs, monitors in June, says paper
Amtran Technology shipped 375,000 LCD TVs and monitors in June, with about 30% of the TVs being Ultra HD models, according to Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times...
Monday 21 March 2016
Amtran Technology nets NT$2.12 per share for 2015
LCD TV and monitor ODM/OEM Amtran Technology posted consolidated revenues of NT$20.701 billion (US$630 million), gross margin of 8.0%, net profit of NT$1.738 billion and net EPS of...
Wednesday 19 November 2014
Amtran sees LCD TV supply to Vizio drop; Foxconn, TPV take over
LCD TV OEM maker Amtran will now be responsible for producing less than 10% Vizio's TVs as Vizio has shifted orders to Foxconn Electronics, TPV and Wistron.
Friday 5 September 2014
Amtran expects to reach 2 million LCD TV shipments in 2014
LCD TV maker Amtran expects to reach two million in shipments during 2014, with supply going to Vizio primarily for 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch units, accroding to industry sources.
Tuesday 10 June 2014
Amtran receives TV orders from Sharp for sale in North America
TV maker Amtran has received orders from Sharp to produce TVs for sale in the North America market, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 8 April 2014
Amtran ships 580,000 LCD TVs in 1Q14
LCD TV maker Amtran reportedly shipped 580,000 TVs in the first quarter of 2014 and expects slight growth going into the second quarter due to a revival in the North America TV market,...
Wednesday 18 December 2013
Vizio releases majority of 2014 TV ODM orders to TPV and Wistron
Vizio has released orders equivalent to 40% of its 2014 TV shipments to TPV Technology and 30% to Wistron, according to supply chain makers.