Monday 12 December 2022
Arm Tech Symposium 2022 China highlights software-defined car trend
Arm Tech Symposium 2022 China, held in early December, focused on discussing the software-defined car trend and four topics that highlight vehicle development in the post-Moore's...
Monday 14 November 2022
Himax sees inventory peak in 3Q22
Himax Technologies believes its inventories should have hit their peak in the third quarter of 2022, when the display driver IC specialist saw its revenue and EPS both exceed the...
Wednesday 26 October 2022
Taiwan IC design houses keen on developing AI chip solutions
Taiwan's IC design houses are spending more resources and efforts on developing AI-related applications to strengthen their competitiveness. They are keen on incorporating AI algorithms...
Friday 21 October 2022
Cub Elecparts penetrates RV ABS solutions into US market
Taiwan-based Cub Elecparts, dedicated to supplying smart driving-related sensing devices and electrical and electronics parts for car applications, has penetrated its anti-lock braking...
Thursday 15 September 2022
IC test interface solutions providers see promising HPC demand
Taiwan IC test interface solutions providers continue to embrace robust demand from major US HPC processor vendors Intel, Nvidia and AMD, which will effectively offset reductions...
Wednesday 4 May 2022
AI not immune to hacking, says Hon Hai Research Institute CEO
AI has permeated well into the modern society playing a crucial role in a wide variety of applications, but AI systems, just like all kinds of computer operating systems, can hardly...
Tuesday 26 April 2022
IC design houses keen on incorporating AI into edge computing solutions
With edge computing gaining importance in the proliferating of 5G and AIoT applications, IC design houses in Taiwan are incorporating AI algorithms into chip solutions for all edge...
Wednesday 20 April 2022
Taiwan to invest more in quantum technology development
The Taiwanese government is planning to invest a total of NT$8 billion over five years to drive quantum technology development.
Thursday 14 April 2022
Foxconn to tackle SiC, GaN production bottlenecks with AI technology
Foxconn Technology will move to incorporate AI-based smart manufacturing solutions to tackle bottlenecks encountered in manufacturing third-generation semiconductors including SiC...
Monday 21 March 2022
Elan gearing up to develop automotive ICs
Taiwan-based Elan Microelectronics, specializing in touchpad controllers for notebook applications, is gearing up to accelerate the development of automotive ICs by gathering all...
Friday 25 February 2022
TuSimple agrees to US oversight to resolve security concerns
Self-driving truck startup TuSimple, which was funded by tech companies in both the US and China, has reached a settlement with US authorities to resolve security concerns around...
Thursday 13 January 2022
Master Talks 5: Why better AI systems are causing more problems and how we fix them
Multiple films have featured how intelligent machines might disobey orders from humans and eventually take over the world. In the opinion of Stuart Russell, professor of electrical...
Wednesday 12 January 2022
Master Talks 4: How AI affects our future
A personal assistant that knows the best time to wake you up. A machine that reads radiology scans together with a pathologist. More and more artificial intelligence (AI) applications...
Tuesday 11 January 2022
Master Talks 3: Algorithms may become biased and need governance
Algorithms are changing our lives in different ways. However, Cathy O'Neil, founder of O'Neil risk consulting and algorithmic auditing, said in some cases, the mathematical models...
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