Friday 23 February 2024
Major Chinese CSPs to participate in upcoming Nvidia event
Nvidia will hold a special China AI Day for the Chinese market at its GTC conference in March, inviting cloud computing and large language models (LLM) leaders from Baidu, Alibaba...
Monday 17 July 2023
China-developed AI chips enter 7nm and below era
The manufacturing of AI chips developed by China-based companies has started to enter the 7nm node and below despite the US' frequent sanctions on China's AI products, according to...
Thursday 29 June 2023
HBM memory demand to boom
Due to the bandwidth limitations of DDR SDRAM in high-speed computation, high bandwidth memory (HBM) is rapidly gaining popularity as a means to circumvent memory transmission speed...
Friday 5 May 2023
AIGC wave prompts major Chinese internet companies to speed chip development
With the rise of AI-generated content (AIGC) in 2023, major players in the tech sector are joining the ranks of AI chip manufacturing one after another. Not only are international...
Thursday 4 May 2023
China AI chip developers swing to profits, but Cambricon still in the red
China's major AI chip developers have reported significant profit results for 2022 operations. The only exception is Cambricon Technologies, which was still mired in heavy losses.
Wednesday 22 March 2023
China keenly developing homegrown AI GPUs for chatbot apps
Chinese GPU developers including Jingjia Microelectronics and Innosilicon are developing homegrown AI GPUs at full throttle to keep up with the AI boom spurred by the growing popularity...
Thursday 9 March 2023
Chinese AI chip vendors eyeing return to profits on ChatGPT wave
With Baidu, Alibaba and other Chinese Internet companies successively announcing their entry into the field of AIGC (AI-generated content), substantial business growth opportunities...
Thursday 23 February 2023
Baidu to integrate AIGC into its app, cloud and search services
Baidu announced that it is launching an upgraded version of Ernie Bot 3.0 (Wen Xin Yi Yan) in March, 2023. As Baidu's answer to ChatGPT, the AI-generative content (AIGC) service will...
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