Friday 1 March 2024
TSMC ramping up CoWoS capacity
TSMC has been increasing its monthly production capacity for CoWoS (chip-on-wafer-on-substrate) advanced packaging, allowing it to increase AI GPU output for Nvidia and AMD, which...
Thursday 15 February 2024
OpenAI's trillion-dollar chip plan can end well if right move is made
Nvidia's many customers, including Open AI CEO Sam Altman, are trying to find ways to cut dependency on its AI chips. While specialists have pointed out that Altman's lack of understanding...
Friday 2 February 2024
SK Hynix's rumored Indiana HBM fab will give Nvidia onshore GPUs
SK Hynix is said to planning an advanced facility in Indiana, USA, to provide high bandwidth memories (HBM) to GPU customers.
Friday 2 February 2024
AMD's MI300 steals the show of AI PC processors
Although AI PC has become a hot topic the market has been following lately, AMD's AI GPUs, such as the MI300, were the center of attention during AMD's latest earnings call.
Thursday 25 January 2024
OpenAI refuses to queue for AI chips; will build its fab faster to get them?
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's plan to build...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
TSMC CoWoS capacity expansion to support AI server sales
A significant ramp-up in CoWoS production capacity at TSMC is anticipated to propel server companies' AI server sales to new heights in 2024, according to industry sources.
Monday 15 January 2024
China mulls great AI chip leap as Nvidia disappoints
Unimpressed by Nvidia's reduced performance GPU chips, Chinese cloud titans Alibaba and Tencent look to homegrown replacements.
Friday 22 December 2023
Intel unveils Gaudi 3 but challenge remains for exporting to China
Before the year-end holidays of 2023, Intel held an "AI Everywhere" conference to launch its Meteor Lake and Gen5 Xeon CPU as Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger copied Steve Jobs's "One More...
Wednesday 13 December 2023
Four countries in 7 days: Implication of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's Asia trips
Nvidia made headlines again with CEO Jensen Huang's Asia tour to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam over the past week. Yet it takes a grander perspective to see the strategy...
Wednesday 6 December 2023
AMD to ship up to 400,000 new AI GPUs in 2024, say sources
According to industry sources, AMD's new-generation AI GPU series, the Instinct MI300, will be available soon, with shipments expected to reach 300,000-400,000 units in 2024.
Tuesday 5 December 2023
Nvidia CEO commited to provide more GPUs to Japan after meeting Prime Minister
After a meeting between Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, it was stated that Japan hopes Nvidia will supply as many GPUs as possible to Japanese companies...
Friday 1 December 2023
Samsung ramps up 2.5D packaging capacity, eyeing Nvidia AI GPU orders
Samsung Electronics is not only investing actively in the R&D and capacity expansion of high-bandwidth memory (HBM) technology, but also looking to broaden its market reach through...
Wednesday 29 November 2023
Chinese AI chip startups forge ahead amid US export curbs and domestic support
Following the US tightening its controls on exports of high-end AI GPUs to China in October 2023, Chinese companies are turning to homegrown AI chips to build their computational...
Tuesday 28 November 2023
GPU antitrust to challenge Nvidia
Nvidia should have been prepared for antitrust action concerning AI GPUs, according to sources at motherboard manufacturers.
Thursday 23 November 2023
New Nvidia chip for China may be delayed
Possible delivery delays for the HGX H20, an exclusively Chinese-market-designed Nvidia processor. It is improbable that Chinese companies will receive samples of the chip until at...
Summary of Tech Supply Chain News!
China's homegrown NearLink wireless tech to challenge Wi-Fi dominance, says DIGITIMES Research
China's smartphone shipments threaten 20% slide in 1Q24 says DIGITIMES Research
AP shipments to Chinese smartphone brands unpleasant in 4Q23, but to stay flat in 1Q24, says DIGITIMES Research