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Monday 2 October 2023
Huawei's SoC layout and hidden efforts: examined through the lens of 'chip peace'
After Huawei's Mate 60 Pro, featuring the 7nm Kirin 9000S processor produced by SMIC, caused a stir, Dr. Burn-Jeng Lin, dean of the College of Semiconductor Research under Taiwan's...
Friday 8 September 2023
Qualcomm may be most affected by Huawei-SMIC collaboration, says DIGITIMES Research
If Huawei can revive its handset business by rolling out more 5G and other handset-related chips with support from SMIC's 14nm and 7nm manufacturing capability, Qualcomm and MediaTek...
Tuesday 5 September 2023
TechInsights confirms Huawei's SoC made by SMIC N+2 7nm node
TechInsights' latest report pointed out that its lab in Ottawa, Canada, has confirmed that the SoC of Huawei's Mate 60 Pro smartphone was manufactured by SMIC's N+2 7nm process node...
Tuesday 5 September 2023
Support for Huawei 7nm chip could hurt SMIC profitability, say sources
For SMIC, providing support for Huawei's 7nm chip without access to EUV technology could prove to be detrimental to its profitability, according to industry sources.
Friday 28 July 2023
Nikkei: Huawei collaborates with SMIC on 7nm 5G smartphone chips
According to Nikkei Asia, Huawei will start mass-producing 5G smartphone chips through a collaboration with SMIC in the near future. Their goal is to resume high-end smartphone...
Tuesday 25 July 2023
TSMC deployments minimize geopolitical risks
TSMC's deployments have been designed to minimize geopolitical risks, according to industry sources. The world's number-one pure-play foundry house is leading in advanced chip manufacturing...
Friday 21 July 2023
Chinese IC designers keen to develop homegrown smart cockpit SoCs
Along with cars moving toward electrification and intelligence, the smart cockpit market is gradually gaining prominence. Currently, many Chinese carmakers adopt intelligent cockpit...
Thursday 20 July 2023
TSMC expects 9% revenue increase in 3Q23
TSMC expects to post revenues of between US$16.7 billion and US$17.5 billion in the third quarter of 2023, which is a 9.1% sequential increase at the midpoint. Gross margin and operating...
Monday 17 July 2023
China-developed AI chips enter 7nm and below era
The manufacturing of AI chips developed by China-based companies has started to enter the 7nm node and below despite the US' frequent sanctions on China's AI products, according to...
Thursday 13 July 2023
Intel's customized Gaudi 2 chips for China very likely to be made by TSMC 7 nm process
Intel unveiled its Gaudi 2 China Special Edition deep learning processor in Beijing on July 11 and received almost unanimous praise from Chinese media outlets. In addition to mentioning...
Wednesday 5 July 2023
Update: ASML denies considering special-version DUV lithography for Chinese customers
To mitigate the impact of Dutch export restrictions on Chinese chipmakers, ASML's Chinese customers were expecting that the Netherlands-based lithography machine maker may release...
Monday 3 July 2023
Samsung set to commercialize 2nm chips in 2025, 1.4nm by 2027
Samsung Electronics has disclosed its latest advanced process development roadmap at the just-ended 2023 Samsung Foundry Forum, with plans to mass produce 2nm chips by 2025 and commercialize...
Thursday 29 June 2023
TSMC to see fab utilization rates rise substantially
Pure-play foundry TSMC will see its fab utilization rates, notably for sub-7nm process manufacturing, rise substantially in the second half of this year, according to sources at fab...
Monday 12 June 2023
Alchip reiterates close collaboration with US clients
Taiwan-based Alchip Technologies, dedicated to supplying ASICs, has reiterated its close collaboration with significant North American clients, which will become evident in the third...
Monday 22 May 2023
Chinese EDA champion Empyrean can now "fully support" 7nm; sees 1Q23 sales growth
On May 19th, Chinese EDA company Empyrean Technology held its 2022 annual shareholders' meeting.
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