Friday 7 October 2022
Chinese panel makers considering price hike for 32-inch TV panels
China-based panel makers are mulling a price hike for 32-inch TV panels, with plans to also ramp up their utilization rates slightly in the late fourth quarter, which may create uncertainties...
Thursday 14 November 2019
Apple introduces 16-inch MacBook Pro and new workstation
Apple has unveiled a new MacBook Pro featuring a 16-inch Retina Display, the latest 8-core processors, up to 64GB of memory, next-generation graphics with up to 8GB of VRAM and a...
Monday 23 July 2018
Smaller-size TV panel prices to pick up further in August
After suffering a major tumble in the second quarter of 2018, the quotes for smaller-size TV panels are beginning to rebound in July, likely to pick up further in August, especially...
Tuesday 5 September 2017
Digitimes Research: Demand for large-size public display products set to grow
Global demand for large-size public display and digital signage products is set to grow steadily in years to come, fueled by the rise of new human-machine interaction and retail models,...
Monday 18 July 2016
Global supply of 32-inch TV panels to rise in 3Q16, may be in oversupply in 4Q16
TFT-LCD panel makers reduced production of 32-inch TV panels in the first quarter of 2016 due to a lack of profits and the decreased supply pushed up prices in the second quarter;...
Wednesday 16 March 2016
Visionect and E Ink introduce 32-inch e-paper development kit
Visionect and E Ink have launched a new system for creating large electronic paper signs: a development kit for designing 32-inch digital signage solutions, supporting the largest...
Wednesday 20 January 2016
LCD TV panels sized 32-inch to fall below US$50
LCD TV panels sized 32-inch have already dropped to US$52 and are expected to fall below the US$50 mark by the second quarter of 2016, according to market observers.
Tuesday 18 August 2015
Profit margins for 32-inch LCD panels to decline steeply, says IHS
Commodity LCD displays, led by 32-inch HD displays, have in the past been a key industry revenue generator, but that situation is changing, according to IHS. Industry profits for...
Friday 17 July 2015
Open cell TV panel pricing drops to US$84 in June, says DisplaySearch
Open cell TV panels sized 32-inch dropped to US$84 a unit in June 2015 while that for 50-inch Ultra HD (4K) TV panels also showed declines, with 55-inch units dropping 8% on month,...
Friday 5 June 2015
Panel pricing on the decline in June, says firm
Panel pricing is showing declines and is expected to continue trending down throughout mid-June, with most applications declining US$0.50-1, according to DisplaySearch. In the monitor...
Tuesday 21 April 2015
32-inch TV panel pricing expected to drop US$2-3 during late April, says WitsView
Pricing for 32-inch TV panels is expected to drop US$2-3 during the end of April largely due to an oversupply of the technology. Panels sized 48-, 49-, and 55-inch have also declined...
Wednesday 31 December 2014
Panel makers benefiting from increase in 32-inch TV panel pricing during 4Q14
Taiwan panel makers are benefiting from rising 32-inch TV panel pricing in the fourth quarter when pricing is expected to increase 6-8% sequentially.
Thursday 18 December 2014
Prices for 32-inch TV panels rising, say Taiwan makers
Prices for 32-inch LCD TV panels have risen 25% to US$95 since March 2014 mainly due to continued demand from Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which has benefited China Star...
Thursday 30 October 2014
Acer starts selling Ultra HD monitors in Taiwan
Acer has unveiled own-brand Ultra HD monitors sized 23.8-, 27-, 28- and 32-inch in Taiwan. Since its Chromebooks will also likely be launched in Taiwan soon, Acer expects its revenues...
Monday 20 October 2014
High-end 27- to 32-inch monitors becoming new focus for vendors
Monitor vendors are showing increased signs that their new high-end monitors for release through the end of 2014 and into 2015 will be sized 27- to 32-inch and feature Ultra HD pan...
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