Monday 6 November 2023
India roundup: More Indian companies venture into IC design and handset-making
India may see more local companies venture into the IC design sector as it develops its local semiconductor supply chain. Apple saw an improving performance in India when it encountered challenges elsewhere, including China.
Monday 6 November 2023
Intel to help Indian manufacturers make entry-level notebooks
After India implemented an import management system for notebooks and tablets, Intel announced an initiative to help Indian EMS providers build computer manufacturing capabilities.
Friday 3 November 2023
Apple reports full-year sales decline, encounters challenges in China
Apple reported declining sales for the last fiscal year and provided weak guidance for the current quarter. Amid Huawei's comeback and the Chinese government's reported ban on iPhones at work, Apple faces challenges in the Greater China market.
Friday 3 November 2023
Tata Motors to expand premium EV market with Jaguar Land Rover platform
Tata Motors, India's largest electric vehicle (EV) brand, announced a partnership with Tata Group's luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) for licensing an EV platform for Tata to expand its EV portfolio into the premium market.
Thursday 2 November 2023
iPhone shipment breaks record in India, production reportedly to double in 2024
India's smartphone shipments remained flat, but the market is moving towards growth. Apple broke the iPhone shipment records in India and is expected to double production in the South Asian country, which may further benefit iPhone sales.
Thursday 2 November 2023
Over 100 PC vendors reportedly get import authorization from India
After a series of policy adjustments in two months, India has commenced the implementation of an import control system for computers, such as notebooks and tablets, and imports by more than 100 brands were reportedly authorized for at least a year.
Wednesday 1 November 2023
India EPC giant L&T to venture into IC design
As India is looking to develop a local semiconductor ecosystem, India-based EPC giant Larsen & Toubro (L&T) announced a plan to venture into IC design based on its capabilities in the IT&S industry.
Tuesday 31 October 2023
VinFast reportedly in search of land for EV manufacturing plant in India
As a part of its global expansion plan, Vietnam-based EV manufacturer VinFast is reportedly exploring potential locations for its upcoming manufacturing facility in India.
Tuesday 31 October 2023
Corning's JV marks the takeoff of component manufacturing in India
As India is seeing a second wave of investments in handset and component manufacturing, Corning, the world's largest cover glass maker, formed a joint venture in India to get closer graphically to the world's second-largest handsets producer and smartphone market, likely to boost India's local value.
Tuesday 31 October 2023
Apple's impressive performance in Indian operations highlights expanding production and sales efforts
With Apple's earnings report on the horizon, the world's most valuable company has posted its financial results for its Indian operations. These results reflect impressive performance as Apple is scaling up its efforts in terms of production and selling in India.
Monday 30 October 2023
Taiwan-based electric two-wheeler makers localize production in emerging markets
Taiwan-based electric two-wheeler manufacturers have expanded to overseas markets like India and Southeast Asia. Aeon Motor and Gogoro recently announced their progress in localizing production in Vietnam and India, respectively. The expansion is expected to create more opportunities for the industry.
Monday 30 October 2023
Wistron's sale of Indian facility to Tata signals India's growing role in Apple's supply chain
As Apple is expanding its iPhone supply chain in India and Wistron is diversifying into the more lucrative server business, Wistron announced a sale of its Indian facility to Tata Electronics, marking another milestone for India in the world's sophisticated Apple supply chain.
Monday 30 October 2023
Ericsson sets up 6G R&D center in India
Following Nokia's decision to set up a 6G lab in India's southern state of Karnataka, Ericsson announced the set up of a 6G R&D center in another Indian southern state of Tamil Nadu, as India aims to catch up and lead in the global 6G race.
Monday 30 October 2023
India roundup: India pins hopes on collaborations with Japan and Taiwan for chip development success
India approved an MoC with Japan for chip development. An Indian delegation visits Taiwan to attend annual bilateral meetings with government and industry leaders, seeking investments from Taiwan, including in semiconductors.
Friday 27 October 2023
Foxconn-backed MIH licenses Project X to M Mobility
Open EV consortium MIH announced on October 26 that it will license the hardware and software platforms of Project X to commercial EV solutions provider M Mobility. MIH unveiled the concept car of Project X and secured a license partner within a short time, showing its ambition for commercialization.
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