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Monica Chen, Taipei
Thursday 6 December 2007
  • Posted on Mar 19, 00:50

    I'll buy it because I intend to keep my Nvidia 7600GS AGP card until I can buy myself a newer 9600GT which is PCIe. I'll put an AMD 64 X2 5600+ and 3GB of DDR2 800MHz. Keep my old hard disk. This board is just what I need.
  • Posted on Dec 11, 10:06

    ... shame, it's not fully compatible with Vista? Well neither am I, so it will do me just fine LOL, all credit to this company, who continues to offer low cost yet surprisingly solid and speedy boards, with more options for the end user than any other.
  • Posted on Dec 11, 10:04

    Not all of us can afford the latest and gratest, or constantly afford to keep swapping large chunks of our equipment to gain a small increase in performance, only to find it's out of life faster than a doughnut in Homer Simpson's hand !
  • Posted on Dec 7, 17:22

    ASRock do it again! Got to love this company. They continue to make older mobos when nobody else does and then they bring this one out that gives you the choices other manufacturers don't. ASRock are all about giving you the choice.
  • Posted on Dec 7, 10:27

    RE: AGP cards and Vista

    Isn't that the beauty of this board? If you want to go to Vista you just swap out the AGP and put in a PCIe one. Haha...
  • Posted on Dec 7, 06:13

    I'd be very curious to know the European market segment which buys a Phenom but decides to keep their AGP card to match the lightning fast (and hot) NF3 chipset.
  • Posted on Dec 7, 02:07

    Why God... Why?

    I Bought an ASUS P5PE-VM a little while ago to let me run a C2D with AGP and DDR. It worked fine for XP and Linux but was not supported under Vista. Bought a Cheap Pentium D chip just so I could sell it off!
  • Posted on Dec 7, 02:03

    ASRock's Dual series motherboards are actually very handy for anyone upgrading on a budget. I purchased the 4CoreDual-Vsta and am nothing but happy with it.
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