Kabob Cloud's all-in-one management solution earns acclaim from 500 global retail and food brands

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The Kabob Cloud team

The advent of burgeoning public cloud services has not only revolutionized personal digital experiences but has also significantly enhanced operational efficiencies and reduced management costs for corporations worldwide.

Traditionally, retail and food franchises faced substantial expenditures on diverse devices and IT infrastructure optimization to oversee branch operations and devise unified marketing strategies. This often entailed establishing a central management platform in home office data centers, necessitating costly periodic visits by IT engineers—an expense beyond the means of many small and medium-scale retail chains.

Founder and CEO of Kabob Cloud, Steve Tsai, emphasizes the proliferation of digital signage, kiosks, and smart devices over the past decade. An increasing number of retailers are leveraging these tools to streamline branch operations and minimize management expenses.

Today, retail and food franchises can install Android TVs at their branch stores, enabling managers to oversee operations and gather data via public cloud platforms, thereby obviating the need for costly traditional systems. This innovation not only slashes management costs but also empowers franchise operators to swiftly adapt to market changes through diverse marketing campaigns, facilitating the growth of small and medium-scale franchises.

Having established a robust presence in Taiwan, Kabob Cloud has successfully expanded its operations into Asia and North America. Anticipating the trend towards smaller displays and the rising popularity of Android TVs equipped with versatile apps, Kabob Cloud, founded in 2016, developed a suite of management tools tailored for food chains and retail brands. With enthusiastic reception in Asian markets, including China, Japan, and Singapore, Kabob Cloud has recently established branch offices in North America, and partnered with distributors in Korea and Australia to further expand its footprint.

To cater to evolving market demands, Kabob Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of 20 diverse service apps. They include digital signage management (Lookr), audio management (Voicer), advertisement integration (Adder), omnichannel content marketing (Fafa), queue management (Tico), staff training (Teachor), and floor guidance (Kiosk).

Business owners can seamlessly deploy these service apps onto various devices at their stores via Kabob Cloud's platform, which boasts an intuitive management interface and hassle-free configuration. As a result, Kabob Cloud's solutions have garnered adoption by over 500 franchise brands, including industry giants such as McDonald's, SEPHORA, Burger King, MeetFresh, and Ganso, spanning over 110,000 connected devices across 30,000 stores.

Tsai highlights that while Kabob Cloud initially targeted food and retail chains, its smart remote management and face recognition solutions are also suitable for AIoT applications. Consequently, these solutions find applications in diverse sectors, including manufacturing, real estate, and telecommunications. Kabob Cloud's participation in CES 2023 proved instrumental in bolstering its presence in North American markets, attracting significant attention from industry professionals and generating numerous inquiries.

With subscription-based services becoming increasingly prevalent, Kabob Cloud recognizes the proliferation of similar offerings in the market. However, unlike many solution providers offering bundled software and hardware packages, Kabob Cloud's solutions seamlessly operate across various devices and brands used at franchise stores, supporting multiple platforms such as Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS. This flexibility allows business owners to choose devices based on their preferences, budgets, and store characteristics, while managing and maintaining all devices effortlessly via a centralized platform, thereby maximizing operational efficiency.

In response to intensifying market competition and evolving application scenarios, Kabob Cloud is committed to ongoing app development and collaboration with third-party software developers to expand its offerings. By establishing a software marketplace, Kabob Cloud aims to foster mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and partners, ensuring its continued leadership in the industry.

(Editor's note: The original article was published in TTA Magazine Issue 14. Read more startup stories in TTA Magazines.)

Kabob Cloud – a one-stop management platform integrating multiple applications

Kabob Cloud – a one-stop management platform integrating multiple applications
Photo: Kabob Cloud