French tech startups shine at InnoVEX, Computex 2024

Vyra Wu, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0


From ultra-efficient power converters to quantum-resistant security chips and human-machine interfaces, France's technology startups are showcasing an array of disruptive innovations at this year's InnoVEX 2024.

Energysquare is challenging inductive solutions with its disruptive "Power by Contact" technology based on direct electrical connection, which eliminates energy loss and electromagnetic waves. "We've achieved over 97% power transfer efficiency while enabling multi-device charging on a surface at full speed," says Romain Dawny, head of business development. Their contact-based solution can reach over 100W, vastly outperforming inductive charging's 15W limitation and energy losses. This solution can wirelessly power even high-wattage laptops and is being adopted by major OEMs.

Dawny highlighted their first-of-its-kind wireless charging dock developed with Lenovo and Synaptics, integrating power delivery, wireless display, and network connectivity. With an industrial alliance spanning top laptop brands, accessory makers, and ODMs in Taiwan, Energysquare aims to make its low-cost, highly efficient contact-based charging a global standard. The technology has been integrated into products from leading brands such as Lenovo, featuring in the world's first wireless docking station developed in collaboration with Synaptics.



Compact energy storage is another focal point, with ITEN debuting its ultra-thin, solid-state, rechargeable micro-batteries. Their eco-friendly batteries avoid hazards such as thermal runaway while offering long lifetimes and easy integration for IoT devices and wearables.

Dracula Technologies showcases its LAYER organic photovoltaic devices, designed using a patented digital printing technique. These devices generate electricity from minimal light sources, making them perfect for low-consumption intelligent devices in indoor environments. The startup aims to provide a more sustainable, maintenance-free power solution for IoT devices, sensors, and consumer electronics without relying on traditional batteries.



Nanomade specializes in highly sensitive, flexible, and customizable deformation sensors. Their technology transforms various materials, including leather, wood, and metal, into interactive surfaces. These sensors have applications in health monitoring, structural deformation detection, and human-machine interfaces, promising to revolutionize multiple industries with their versatility and precision.

Wise-Integration is turning heads with its Gallium Nitride (GaN) power integrated circuits that promise to drastically improve the efficiency and charging speed of AC-DC power supplies from 100W to 7kW. Their WiseGaN chips combined with the WiseWare digital controller enable much higher switching frequencies, allowing power adapters and data center supplies to be made more compact with higher power density.

In the cybersecurity realm, SEALSQ is offering one of the first quantum-resistant semiconductor and PKI solutions. Their certified secure microcontrollers and root-of-trust services spanning chip to cloud aim to future-proof connected devices against quantum computing threats.

From disruptive component technologies powering the next generation of devices to novel human-machine interfaces and sustainable energy solutions, the pitch underscores the dynamic and innovative spirit of French startups. As the rapid pace of technological change continues, they represent an exciting new wave of French tech entrepreneurs looking to make their mark globally.