China semiconductor players and techs

Emily Liao, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


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Despite the sanctions from the US, the Chinese government and semiconductor firms continued to step up their effort in promoting independent development of China's semiconductor industry.

The US export control policy has restricted the development of China's semiconductor advanced manufacturing processes, but driven by the demand for emerging applications such as those for high performance computing (HPC), Internet of Things (IoT), electric vehicles (EV), and green energy, the Chinese government and semiconductor firms have stepped up efforts promoting independent development of the country's semiconductor industry.

Among them, Chinese wafer foundries, IDMs, and IC design houses are actively expanding the chip production capacity for mature processes and developing chip packaging technologies supporting emerging applications to meet the demand for chips and reduce the technological dependence on other countries for chip production.

In wafer foundry, SMIC continues to improve its process technology and cooperates with local Chinese companies to cope with the impact of the US export ban on its business development. The Huahong Group is also actively building 12-inch mature process production lines in Shanghai and Wuxi, targeting IoT, green energy, and new energy vehicle applications. 

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