Micron provides LPCAMM2 with LPDDR5X memory for new Lenovo AI workstation

Jessie Shen, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0


Micron Technology has announced the availability of the Crucial series LPCAMM2, an innovative form factor for next-generation notebook memory that incorporates LPDDR5X mobile memory to enhance the performance of notebooks intended for professionals and creators.

Compared to DDR5 SODIMMs, LPCAMM2 consumes up to 58% less active power and takes up 64% less space, while also providing better bandwidth and dual-channel functionality in a single module, according to the company. LPCAMM2 is an ideal high-performance memory solution for handling AI PCs and complex workloads and is compatible with Lenovo's ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 mobile workstations.

LPCAMM2 uses LPDDR5X memory to provide speeds of up to 7,500MT/s, which is 1.3 times faster than DDR5 SODIMMs. This memory form factor also reduces power consumption and extends battery life. With up to 80% less standby power compared to DDR5 SODIMMs, users can work longer on the go without compromising performance, Micron said.

One LPCAMM2 module fills all 128 bits of CPU bus width, maximizing bandwidth for AI workloads and applications and unleashing the greater potential of AI-enabled PCs. Users can boost their performance by up to 7% for digital content creation workloads and improve productivity workloads by up to 15%, based on PCMark 10 tests, Micron indicated.

Unlike soldered-down memory, LPCAMM2 is upgradeable, allowing users to easily replace modules and increase memory capacity as needed. It also has a slimmer, fan-less design, making it more portable and streamlined, the company continued. LPCAMM2 is available in 32GB and 64GB densities.

"LPCAMM2 is a game-changer for mobile workstation users who want to enjoy the benefits of the latest mobile high-performance memory technology without sacrificing superior performance, upgradeability, power efficiency, or space," said Jonathan Weech, senior director of product marketing for Micron's commercial products group. "With LPCAMM2, we are delivering a future-proof memory solution, enabling faster speeds and longer battery life to support demanding creative and AI workloads."

"Lenovo's ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 is the first laptop available in the market that can leverage the newest LPCAMM2 form factor to enable higher performance, faster AI workflows, scalable memory capacity, and improved battery life for mobile workstations and thin and light laptops," said Yasumichi Tsukamoto, VP and distinguished engineer, commercial product solutions development at Lenovo. "This powerful combination not only provides an enhanced user experience but the low power memory used in LPCAMM2 modules helps reduce overall energy consumption in our laptops."