Tata Elxsi partners with Arm for SDV solutions

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

According to Tata Elxsi's press release, the company announced a collaboration with Arm to offer advanced solutions on the latest Arm-based chips, which will help Automotive OEMs and tier-1s fast-track their transition to Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs)

According to the press release, Tata Elxsi introduces its extensive range of SDV solutions via Tata Elxsi AVENIR, a software suite based on SOAFEE, an Arm-based platform for SDVs. This suite facilitates the seamless development, integration, testing, and deployment of applications entirely on the cloud, providing convenience for OEMs and suppliers. In a technological collaboration, Tata Elxsi will offer this software suite on the latest Arm Automotive Enhanced (AE) technology, catering to the high-performance needs of next-generation vehicles.

Suraj Gajendra, vice president of products and solutions of the Automotive Line of Business at Arm, said that the industry is being transformed by a massive increase in software and AI that demands more computing within the efficiency and safety constraints of the vehicle.

Suraj Gajendra, vice president of products and solutions at Arm's Automotive Line of Business, said that the automotive industry is witnessing a significant shift due to the increased integration of software and AI, requiring enhanced computing capabilities within the efficiency and safety parameters of vehicles. He added that by integrating Tata Elxsi's SDV solutions with Arm's latest AE technology, Tata Elxsi is harnessing Arm's efficient performance and safety expertise to expedite software development cycles for next-generation vehicles.

Shaju S, vice president & head of Transportation Business at Tata Elxsi, said the future of intelligent vehicles hinges on the integration of SDV, Data, and AI technologies, necessitating collaborative efforts among technology firms to address the escalating complexities, adding that the collaboration aims to drive innovation and unlock the scalability benefits for future HPCs in SDV.

In March 2022, Tata Elxsi and Renesas Electronics partnered to develop specialized solutions for EV subsystems, including battery management systems and motor control units. As Tata Electronics is foraying into the foundry and ATMP business, and Tata Motors continues to lead India's EV market, Tata Elxsi is likely to provide automotive chips for Tata Group.

The Economic Times quoted Neil Shah, vice president at Counterpoint, saying that Tata started to leverage its end-to-end expertise and vision from semiconductor design development work, which could be through Tata Elxsi, Lattice Semi, and its in-house Sankhya Labs it acquired earlier.