Crypto Quantique joint venture with iMQ Technology to enable quantum secure chip-to-cloud connection

Joseph Tsai, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

In a strategic move aimed at expanding its presence in the Taiwan market, Crypto Quantique, a prominent quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions provider, has unveiled a strategic partnership with iMQ Technology, a leading innovator in MCUs (Microcontrollers) and security chips.

The newly established commercial alliance intends to capitalize on the advanced capabilities offered by Crypto Quantique's QuarkLink platform. This platform is designed to facilitate secure connectivity for businesses seeking to integrate IoT (Internet of Things) products. The collaboration incorporates iMQ's cutting-edge security chip SQ7131, coupled with cloud services, providing a secure and streamlined approach for customers to integrate innovative features into their products. This includes the ability to conduct secure over-the-air updates throughout the entire lifecycle of their devices.

Crucially, this achievement is realized without requiring substantial investment in engineering resources or in-depth knowledge of chip-to-cloud security. iMQ's security chip technology enables customers to significantly enhance the security of their products through the integration of a pre-provisioned SQ7131 security chip. This implementation instantaneously enables identity authentication, secure communication, and encrypted over-the-air software updates, aligning with forthcoming regulations.

Anticipating the quantum computing era, Crypto Quantique is proactively enhancing the resilience of QuarkLink through the integration of post-quantum cryptography. These quantum-resistant techniques are crafted to ensure the sustained efficacy of security measures, even in the face of potential quantum-powered attacks.

In a landscape where more than 20 countries worldwide are implementing stringent IoT security regulations, including the upcoming EU Cyber Resilience Act, mandating a baseline security level for compliance or risk financial penalties, Crypto Quantique's chip-to-cloud IoT security solution emerges as a crucial component. This not only ensures compliance with evolving regulations but also mitigates risks across global supply chains.

The collaboration between Crypto Quantique and iMQ Technology represents a significant step forward in providing robust, future-proof solutions in the rapidly evolving landscape of quantum-safe cybersecurity and IoT connectivity.