Friday 1 March 2024
Crypto Quantique expands IoT security solutions to support cellular connectivity
Crypto Quantique, a leading provider of quantum-based security for the Internet of Things (IoT), has expanded its portfolio to include cellular connectivity by utilizing an IoT SAFE...
Thursday 11 January 2024
Crypto Quantique joint venture with iMQ Technology to enable quantum secure chip-to-cloud connection
In a strategic move aimed at expanding its presence in the Taiwan market, Crypto Quantique, a prominent quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions provider, has unveiled a strategic partnership...
Friday 15 December 2023
Crypto Quantique partners with Blaitek to enable quantum secure chip-to-cloud connection
Crypto Quantique, a leading quantum-safe cybersecurity solutions provider, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Blaitek, an AIOT smart-home technology company, as...
Wednesday 6 December 2023
Safeguarding semiconductor IoT security with post-quantum cryptography: Q&A with Crypto Quantique CEO Shahram Mossayebi
The global trend of cybersecurity legislation development, with the European Union's Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) slated for enforcement in 2024, will impact the IoT ecosystem and require...
Wednesday 16 August 2023
UK quantum encryption startup explores opportunities in Taiwan, collaborating with RISC-V vendor Andes Technology
UK-based startup Crypto Quantique specializes in quantum encryption technology and focuses on the semiconductor and Internet of things (IoT) industries. It has recently shown interest...
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