Taiwanese startups team up to launch global indoor precision positioning management services

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Oriongo Co., Ltd., a leading Taiwanese positioning algorithm provider, together with IoT pioneer Fashion Intelligence Co., Ltd. and Taiwan's one and only indoor map platform developer S Patial Topology, have formulated a technology positioning alliance, which recently collaborated with international telecom companies to launch innovative airport indoor positioning management service platforms in Singapore, Thailand, and other countries.

This alliance of tech powerhouses not only aims to enhance airport ground staff management without additional devices, but also offers extra positioning services for airport assets such as wheelchairs, trollies, golf carts, or ground staff vehicles, as well as the airport staff. In addition, the infra-free indoor positioning technology allows clients to track and manage indoor assets in real-time, without needing any other additional facilities or equipment such as IBeacon, UWB, or cameras. The service enables high-precision positioning for diverse applications including asset management, precision command-giving, as well as operation efficiency analysis. It is indeed a next-gen solution for efficient ground staff management.

To ensure the most resilient continuous operation, the alliance chose Microsoft's Azure cloud services for a safe, flexible, and cross-nation solution, to offer the top-notch protection and capabilities for customers' data. These cloud services are key to the positioning technology solutions that provide sound services to customers. Relying on the cloud service provided by Microsoft through the Microsoft for Startups program in Taiwan, companies around the globe are offered unprecedented value-added new positioning technology solutions which effectively propel their businesses.

Collaboration between Oriongo, Fashion Intelligence, and S Patial Topology marks the beginning of a new era, giving momentum and innovations to space positioning technology. The alliance will lead the industry by offering excellent solutions and accelerating global smart and precision technology development.

Singapore Changi Airport showcase

Singapore Changi Airport showcase: Public assets and ground staffs are located in real-time with the positioning technology to achieve digital management and establish a sustainable operation optimization mechanism
Source: Oriongo Co., Ltd.