SSSTC unveils world's first cutting-edge immersion cooling technology for data center SSDs at SC23

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Solid State Storage Technology Corp. (SSSTC), a leader in the design and manufacturing of data storage solutions, is set to unveil the ER3 SSD Series, featuring the world's first immersion cooling technology ideal for data centers, at Supercomputing 2023 in Denver, Colorado, from November 14-16.

The enterprise-grade ER3 SATA SSD Series delivers superior reliability and durability to support intense workloads and massive write operations in large-scale data centers.

With the growing prevalence of AI applications comes significant challenges to data center performance. These challenges extend beyond just computing power and also encompass thermal management, a critical factor in maintaining uninterrupted system operation. To tackle these issues, SSSTC has developed the ER3 series.

Hardware requirements continuously change as computing power increases. GPUs and CPUs demand substantial, high-speed memory to handle tasks effectively, making the role of SSDs increasingly crucial. Currently, 4TB and 8TB SSD capacities have become the norm, with expectation of continuous expansion in the future.

With increased computing power comes the challenge of cooling the SSD. Overheating leads to system instability. Although traditional air cooling technologies have matured and the costs have decreased, there are lingering concerns over long-term stability and sustainability. In this context, liquid cooling emerges as the cutting-edge thermal management solution for the new generation.

Electricity expenses associated with cooling are a critical factor to consider. Large-scale air-cooled systems necessitate continuous operation of air conditioning systems around the clock, resulting in substantial energy costs. According to the global digital infrastructure authority Uptime Institute, 40% of data center energy consumption is attributed to cooling purposes.

The ER3 SSD Series launched in Q4 2023 are completely submerged in non-conductive liquid to achieve a superior cooling effect compared to traditional air cooling and indirect liquid cooling. This ensures that the temperature remains in an ideal range even under intense workloads and optimizes the read/write performance and system reliability.

The ER3 series is available in two form factors: 2.5-inch and M.2 2280. The 2.5-inch variant offers five capacities: 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 1920GB, and 3840GB, whereas the M.2 2280 variant has three options: 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB.

The ER3 series offers remarkable durability and reliability metrics including DWPD, Uncorrectable Bit Error Ratio (UBER) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Its DWPD rating indicates that the ER3 series' endurance remains uncompromised under heavy workloads such as AI computing. Its UBER value meets the JEDEC Enterprise requirements, enabling a significant reduction in data corruption and loss risks. Measured at an MTBF of 3 million hours, the ER3 series can help minimize unexpected system downtime and ensure continuous business operation.

The high performance and optimal reliability of the ER3 series is built on SSSTC's robust technological strength accumulated through years of continued efforts toward enterprise-level storage. Many leading global network service companies trust SSSTC's products. These customers impose stringent requirements on the quantity and quality of the storage devices used at their data centers. SSSTC is among the very few SSD vendors that have supply capacity on par with the top three NAND flash manufacturers. Moreover, it has proprietary technologies and in-house R&D teams, allowing it to promptly respond to any SSD issues at data centers and deliver uninterrupted system operation.

SSSTC keeps a careful balance between mainstream and long tail products. In addition to providing high-speed NVMe PCIe SSD, it offers products that support non-mainstream interfaces like SATA. SSSTC continues to support hardware and firmware upgrades and add new features.

The company is also committed to upholding high product quality and reliability. It conducts 100% product inspections, including samples and all shipments even when inspecting thousands of units. While this practice demands significant time and effort, it is essential when supplying products to large-scale data centers with rigorous reliability requirements. This is also one of the reasons why SSSTC products are favored by large-scale network operators.

Large-scale data centers will only have increasing demand for performance and reliability. SSSTC will stay committed to enterprise storage solutions, offering professional and refined customization services suited to customer needs.

To learn more about the ER3 series enterprise-level SATA SSD, please drop by our booth (#2007) at SC23 and speak with one of our experts.

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