Global smartphone market to continue witnessing on-year shipment decline in 2H23, says DIGITIMES Research

Luke Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


Going into the second half of 2023, most markets are still struggling with soaring inflation and weakening consumption with emerging markets having taken a serious hit. Based on DIGITIMES Research's statistics, second-quarter 2023 global smartphone shipments amounted to 250 million units, down 8.7% from a year ago.

A total of 567 million smartphones are projected to be shipped in 2H23, down 2.7% compared to the level seen in the corresponding period of 2022.

DIGITIMES Research has adjusted the forecast for whole-year 2023 global smartphone shipments downward from the projection given in June by 20 million units to 1.08 billion.

Concerning smartphone shipments to China, DIGITIMES Research adjusted the forecast on second-quarter 2023 smartphone shipments to China moderately upward from the projection given in June to 62.8 million units, representing a 2.2% on-year decline. The forecast for second-quarter 2023 smartphone shipments to markets outside of China was lowered to 187 million units, representing a 10.7% on-year decline.

As to whole-year 2023 global 5G smartphone shipments, DIGITIMES Research has lowered the forecast to 564 million units from the projection of 577 million units given in June. The volume represents a 4.2% decline from the 2022 level.