India roundup: Apple embraces growing smartphone market share in India

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Apple is expected to see increased iPhone shipments and market share, with Foxconn planning to expand investments in India. India's local giants are ramping up their chip push to build a self-reliant semiconductor ecosystem.

iPhone 15 reportedly receives huge pre-orders in India

IANS quoted sources saying that the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus received overwhelming numbers of pre-orders, nearly 50% more than the iPhone 14 series in 2022.

Foxconn to double employment in India

Lee, the Foxconn representative in India, said in a LinkedIn post that the group aims for another doubling of employment, FDI, and business size in India. Lee did not elaborate on the timeline of Foxconn's expansion plan in India.

India talks with Tesla, LGES for battery manufacturing

According to two exclusive stories by Reuters, Tesla is reportedly talking with India for potential investments to make battery storage systems in India, and India-based JSW is rumored talking with LGES and CATL for partnerships in making batteries.

Coforge to ramp up AI push

John Speight, executive vice president at Coforge, told DIGITIMES Asia that all types of AI are beneficial for the company. Coforge launched its generative AI platform CoForge Quasar, aiming to capitalize on the growth of AI demands.

Intel not ready to make chips in India

Christoph Schell, chief commercial officer at Intel, said that a key deciding factor in investing in a new location was having semiconductor fabrication and packaging facilities nearby, along with suppliers and customers, implying Intel would not invest if there was no established ecosystem in India.

India sees rising demand for data centers

Thanks to India's data sovereignty rules, public and private cloud services, and content delivery networks, demands for data centers in India are expected to grow, as JLL data estimated India's data center capacity had doubled from 350 MW in 2019 to 722 MW in 2022 and is expected to reach 1.4 GW by 2025.

Karnataka approves Tata's ATMP project

The single-window clearance committee (SLSWCC) of Karnataka approved 91 projects worth INR76.6 billion (US$920 million), including an application by Tata Semiconductor Assembly and Test Private Limited, which proposed to invest INR2 billion in Kolar, expected to generate 155 jobs.

India-based PCB manufacturer plans to launch first made-in-India PC motherboard

India-based Sahasra Group said they plan to launch the first made-inIndia computer motherboards in November, adding that their products, expected to be priced between INR6,000–7,000 (US$72–84), will be 10–15% cheaper than those made and imported into India by Chinese brands.

India's oldest discrete semiconductor provider sets up ATMP lines

India-based discrete semiconductor provider CDIL Semiconductors announced that it will expand its semiconductor packaging capabilities through the Scheme for Promotion of Manufacturing of Electronic Components and Semiconductors (SPECS), adding a production capacity of 100 million with these ATMP lines.