SEMICON 2023: Global innovation highlights sustainable development; disposable gloves gain global attention

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Precious Mountain CEO Mr. Lin Guo-Tang

In SEMICON 2023, alongside digital technology, the continuous surge in the sustainability trend has garnered extensive attention.

With the international momentum behind carbon reduction efforts, there is a growing focus on energy conservation, carbon reduction, product efficiency, and sustainable living across various end applications, all with the ultimate aim of achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Taiwan's 3rd Gen semiconductor (Wide Band Gap Semiconductors, GaN/SiC) sector, primarily centered on wafers, has also been investing in sustainable technology development related to the environmental aspects of wafer use.

Taiwan-based company Precious Mountain, a subsidiary of the local industry, has pioneered "PACER Bio-Mass" disposable gloves made from bio-mass source. This innovative technology has taken center stage at the exhibition. Guided by the philosophy of "Assisting in societal improvement and advocating for sustainability," Precious Mountain has seamlessly integrated ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles into its corporate operations and product manufacturing. They have successfully developed the world's first PVC eco-friendly Bio-Mass gloves, garnering patents from multiple countries and meeting the environmental standards for high-tech cleanrooms and pharmaceutical clean environments. The Bio-Mass gloves have secured three major international bio-based product certifications, and manufacturers in Europe and Japan have already begun their adoption. Mr. Lin Guo-Tang, CEO of Precious Mountain, stated that their future goals include adhering to ESG principles, maintaining quality, and exercising cost control. Furthermore, they plan to elevate the perfect ratio of biobased technology gloves, increasing the proportion of biobased materials, with the aim of advancing their research breakthroughs. Precious Mountain will continue to develop an array of gloves and products rich in biobased materials, with the intention of curbing the use of petrochemical raw materials by augmenting the biobased content and fostering the establishment of a recycling supply chain ecosystem.

PACER Bio-Mass gloves not only possess eco-friendly attributes but also meet the ISO Cleanroom standards for "high cleanliness" and "low ionization." These gloves have undergone rigorous process control and testing and have received independent verification from impartial third-party tests, rendering them invaluable tools in assisting businesses in implementing ESG practices.

The atmospheric cycle is intrinsically linked to the process of photosynthesis in trees, constituting a static biological cycle involving the release and absorption of carbon dioxide. PACER Bio-Mass employs patented technology to substitute a portion of the petrochemical raw materials in gloves with biobased materials. After disposal and incineration, biobased carbon continues to circulate within the original photosynthesis environment, undergoing transformation into organic matter. Subsequently, postmortem or oxidation, this organic matter re-enters the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2), thereby embodying a "carbon-neutral" characteristic. In contrast, many eco-friendly gloves on the market employ biodegradable plastics, necessitating specific temperature and humidity conditions for degradation or partial breakdown into small particles. This approach does not constitute genuine decomposition and may still pose environmental and wildlife survival concerns. PACER Bio-Mass gloves reduce the utilization of petrochemical raw materials at the source, ultimately achieving the goal of "carbon reduction."

In this semiconductor exhibition, Taiwanese companies once again shine on the international stage. Every facet of the manufacturing industry should not be underestimated, as precision technology emanates from scrupulous attention to detail. The utilization of gloves has become indispensable in daily life, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, with widespread applications. While safeguarding human health, the extensive use of gloves also necessitates our commitment to the preservation of wildlife and the environment. The integration of technology into a healthy living environment, the preservation of ecological harmony, the mitigation of global warming, and the pursuit of eco-friendly business practices form the core values underpinning the attainment of ESG objectives and the progression towards the goal of net-zero carbon emissions for sustainable development.

Precious Mountain has pioneered the world's first eco-friendly PVC biobased gloves, known as

Precious Mountain has pioneered the world's first eco-friendly PVC biobased gloves, known as "PACER Bio-Mass."