Xperi innovations create an extraordinary experience to build home, mobile and automotive consumer and entertainment use cases

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Aaron Chen, GM, Business Development, Taiwan, APAC, XPERI

Not slowed down by the global pandemic for these past couple of years, Xperi maintains a steady step to complete a Spin-Off to keep its core business secure and stable over technical innovations. For better differentiating the intellectual property (IP) business, Xperi Holding Corporation separates the company's IP licensing business to Adeia. And Xperi branding will continue focusing on the product business of the company. Talking about the IP licensing business of Adeia, there are lots of the business connection related to semiconductor industry covering IC packaging technologies, which are tightly linked with Taiwan supply chains.

Xperi creates a leading consumer and entertainment technology business including several sub brands such as DTS, HD Radio, IMAX Enhanced, TiVo. After completed the merger procedures with TiVo in 2020, Xperi actively participates with Smart TV business ranging from content providers to consumer electronics device makers and automotive manufacturers leveraging TiVo Operating System. This powerful platform is strengthening the collaboration with Taiwan electronics manufacturing service providers, OEM/ODM makers and semiconductor chipmakers. In Computex2023 exhibition, Xperi joined with the partners to demonstrate a complete range of integrated solutions to expect the further market development in the next 6-month.

IMEX Enhanced is fast forwarding to the PC market with rapid growth

Aaron Chen, Xperi General Manager of Taiwan and APAC, talks the product highlights in Computex2023. The first product focus is IMAX Enhanced program series demonstration – IMAX Enhanced is a partnership between IMAX and DTS to bring IMAX quality content and sound (provided by DTS) to the home. There are several major TV global brands joined IMAX Enhanced camp to enable consumers to more easily find, watch, and enjoy entertainment. SONY BRAVIA CORE is one of them to showcase the IMAX Enhanced TV product series in Computex2023.

One thing he mentioned is the new HP Envy series laptop PC just announced in late April 2023 offering a seamless way for consumers to enjoy the benefits of IMAX Enhanced movie titles. This is the first IMAX Enhanced certified PC and represents a major milestone in the world of mobile home entertainment. There are more IMAX Enhanced certified notebook PC brands coming to be released in the next few months. Looking at business milestones, IMAX Enhanced was first available on TVs and AV receivers, Soundbar systems and loudspeakers before it expanded into mobile and now to laptops.

DTS Play-Fi enables consumer desire to enjoy entertainment anywhere, anytime, on any device

Moreover, the wireless speakers and Soundbar systems embrace DTS Play-Fi technology to show the values in the crowded consumer electronics market sector. For instance, the Philips 5.1 channels DTS Play-Fi Home Theater systems bring wireless surround sound capabilities to consumers' homes. These systems create seamless integration with wireless speakers by eliminating wires. The Play-Fi ecosystem continues to grow and add new partners including Soundbar systems, All-in-one PCs, display monitors, surround sound earbuds and Surround Speakers. This approach will be extended to new production matrix having a unique industry platform to address an ever-increasing consumer desire to enjoy entertainment anywhere, anytime, on any device.

These new product development trends are encouraging the Taiwan IC vendors and chip makers quickly start to design and implement new SoC chip solutions integrated DTS Play-Fi technology to further expanding the market reach for entertainment use cases

TiVo operating system gears automotive streaming market

Xperi launches TiVo operating system to Smart TV Makers and welcomes Vestel as the first TV OEM partner. Vestel, one of the top three European TV brands, is a Turkish home and professional appliances manufacturer aiming to expand European TV and streaming business powered by TiVo Smart TVs. Notably, Xperi aims to serve large target markets, smart TV, IP TV and the automotive industry, along with an installed base of approximately 40 million TVs in North America market. One recent announcement from Xperi mentioned BMW has selected TiVo platform to provide customers access to a growing number of video content providers, including linear and on demand streaming services. The partnership between Xperi and BMW is targeting to introduce all sorts of streaming media to the cabin to the new BMW 5 Series in 2024. BMW's deployment of the Powered by TiVo platform will include a variety of country-specific content, offering news, movies and updates through Over-The-Air messaging technology.

The integrated solutions create high quality meeting experiences

Another technology is DTS:X Ultra, which includes several Virtualizer Enhancement software stacks for aiming to integrate with advanced telephony and video conferencing systems. These features are going to look at the further collaboration with laptop PC's CPU makers. The idea is leveraging the build-in sensing technology of new processors to create seamless integration with commercial laptops. With advanced technologies evolving to play an important role in driving future growth for electronics industries, Xperi invests dedicated engineering support teams in Taiwan to work with local electronics manufacturing partners and IC chipset design vendors to provide robust product solutions and looks forward to establishing successful, mutually profitable relationships.