Heading into post-pandemic, MEAN WELL exhibits system power solutions at Computex

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As most nations worldwide bid farewell to the pandemic, Computex will make its post-pandemic debut this May 30. MEAN WELL, a world-leading standard power supply manufacturer will exhibit its latest innovations this year after a long absence since 2019.

The family of solutions under active promotion includes major products such as its 3+N System Power Supply Solutions, DC High-voltage Centralized Power Supply Lighting Solutions, Security Monitoring Power Supply, and Power Supply Series Dedicated to Harsh Environments.

MEAN WELL's battery solutions are able to satisfy all kinds of demand from eco-friendly, IT and industrial automation applications

MEAN WELL's power supply solutions are able to satisfy all kinds of demand from eco-friendly, IT and industrial automation applications

First, the 3+N system power solutions from MEAN WELL can solve customers' problems by integrating power and smart control systems. The "3" in the 3+N solution refers to rack-mounted, modular, and system power supplies, while "N" refers to other products and controllers from MEAN WELL. MEAN WELL can integrate various elements into a cabinet according to customer needs. That means customers can easily control and monitor in whatever way they need.

Integrating power supply with the control system to enhance digital, smart services

MEAN WELL's rack-mounted products come mainly in two categories: system power supply and energy recycling. For system power supply, MEAN WELL will exhibit its iconic NCP-3200 series. This series can be used directly with MEAN WELL's Multi-Industry General-purpose Smart Controller CMU2. The NCP-3200 series incorporates 19-inch rack cabinets in parallel to provide up to 128kW smart cabinets. Or, the user can stack each cabinet in parallel to form a system power supply or charger with an even larger wattage for use with various power electronics, IC products, or energy system user equipment.

MEAN WELL's system battery solutions integrate ultra-high power output with power managment functions for use in high power consumption scenario

MEAN WELL's system power solution integrates ultra-high power output with power management functions for use in ultra-high power consumption scenarios such as in communication and IT equipment, EV charging, and industrial automation

For energy recycling products, MEAN WELL currently provides DC to AC and bidirectional power conversion products, suitable for testing related equipment and applications for front-end manufacturing, production power, or batteries; other uses include end-user products, charging piles, energy storage systems (ESS), and various end-customer energy applications.

Tony Hsieh, Section Manager of MEAN WELL's Technical Service Center, emphasized: "We can combine different power supplies, cabinets, and accessories to fit customer needs. And with PowerNex products, we can create the most suitable solutions for our customers." MEAN WELL integrates the resources of its group to provide customers with more flexible services. Also worth mentioning is the completion of MEAN WELL SuZhou Intelligent Campus, which can handle customer system verification and safety testing.

Overall, MEAN WELL aims to transform customers' needs into standard models, thereby ensuring the stability and repeatability of services. This also helps better meet the price needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

DC power supply and unique power supply for harsh environments, helping customers meet a variety of needs

MEAN WELL, long committed to promoting DC high-voltage centralized power supply lighting, will exhibit its DALI-2 digital lighting control solution. The front end stage of this solution uses a 380V DC high-voltage power supply for centralized power supply, and the back end uses a DC-to-DC LED driver, greatly reducing the number of power supply device parts required. In contrast, the lamps' high-voltage series connection reduces power conversion loss. "This solution greatly simplifies system installation while reducing the need for wiring. This is particularly important in markets where labor costs steadily increase," Rex Lin, Product Manager of MEAN WELL's Product Strategy Center, explained.

In addition, MEAN WELL also provides dedicated power supply products in its HEP series, which is especially designed for harsh outdoor environments. This series is waterproof and dustproof, rated at IP67, can withstand 10G of shock, and boasts a fanless design, instead adopting natural heat dissipation with its aluminum extruded shell. It is suitable for use with various outdoor industrial and communication equipment. Also, it provides multiple digital communications functions, which can be integrated into the HMI for control over a system.

MEAN WELL launched its HEP 1000 series to address power needs for 5G small base station equipment and 5G mobile base stations. As the wattage requirements in power supplies for the new generation of base stations increased to over 2000 watts, MEAN WELL also launched the HEP-2300 series. The HEP-2300 series includes four output voltages, 55V, 115V, 230V, and 380V. The series is not limited to base stations but can also be used for many outdoor displays.

New security monitoring power supply series drastically cuts system optimization costs

To address the demand for Security monitoring power supply, MEAN WELL devised highly integrated products to meet customer expectations. Frank Chen, Product Manager of MEAN WELL's Product Strategy Center, pointed out, "In the past, security monitoring customers only had the option of products that solely supplied power. Other functions need to be added by the customer separately. But it is different now. We have launched a new product series for the security monitoring field that integrates alarms, control logic, charging, battery backup, fire and emergency lighting, and central monitoring into a dedicated power solution. On top of that, product design complies with the regulations, so customers do not need to make additional modifications. These solutions can be introduced and put to use right away, which drastically brings down the costs of system optimization."

MEAN WELL will exhibit its DRS-480 series (480W DIN Rail Type All-in-One Intelligent Security Power Supply), which complies with the safety regulations of security control and fire safety systems (EN54-4/ UL2524/GB17945). Its most significant feature is that it integrates a DC voltage power supply, battery charging, DC-UPS, and communications monitoring, all in one unibody design.

MEAN WELL has been a leader in the standard power supply industry for many years, always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to industry trends, continuously making it a priority to consistently enhance the functionality and integration of the products to meet the unique needs of our customers.

To discover more about the highlighted items, visit MEAN WELL Computex exhibit, K0204. Our team is readily available to address any inquiries you may have.