Automotive MEGA Show in 2023: Auto parts, car electronics, and smart mobility to held concurrently; Taiwan's future in car technology is sure to shine

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The "smartification" trend has led to a revolution in the automobile and motorcycle industry. But after entering the post-pandemic era, the global auto market rapidly shifted. According to statistics from the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association (TTVMA), the total output value of Taiwan's auto industry exceeded NT$560 billion in the first three quarters of 2022, with a growth rate as high as 7%, showing that the market is already recovering. Aiming to help Taiwanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturers access the huge business opportunities, TAITRA will hold three exhibitions, TAIPEI AMPA, AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI, and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan concurrently for the first time. All three exhibitions will show Taiwan's solid domestic automotive ecosystem and its sound technical capabilities. Also important to note is that, in addition to the physical exhibition at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX 1), held from April 12 - 15 this year, there will also be online exhibitions and various OMO marketing activities, altogether providing a one-stop purchasing platform for the global automobile and motorcycle industry.

A solid automotive supply chain demonstrates Taiwan's sound technological capabilities

TAIPEI AMPA is now entering its 39th year. This professional B2B automobile and motorcycle spare parts exhibition is the fourth largest in the world and the second largest in Asia. Each year, it draws enthusiastic participation from domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers. Supply and demand are well-matched in its large-scale, diverse product exhibition. Well-known power supply manufacturers have pointed out that the results of their participation were significantly reflected in their companies' turnover. Building on that prosperity, the scale of the three exhibitions has been stepped up this year. With a total of 820 exhibitors and 2,200 booths, the 11 exhibition areas will display Taiwan's OEM and AM aftermarket and other vehicle parts, gas/electric-powered cars and components, automotive electronic components, and C.A.S.E-IoV, self-driving, sharing, and electrification products.

2023 TAIPEI AMPA and AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI will gather major manufacturers, including Nan Hoang, Kuo Chuan, Sonar, Coplus, Jscar, Eagle Eyes, and many other top manufacturers. They will be exhibiting a series of innovative products, such as Adaptive Front Lighting (AFS) and Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) light systems, various lightweight and impact-resistant products, environmentally friendly seats using natural plant fibers, and more. In the field of automotive electronics, components and system manufacturers such as Hon Hai, Cub Elecparts, E-Lead Electronic, JET Opto, Ta Ya, Whetron, and Diptronics will also exhibit the latest trends of EV, IoV (Internet of Vehicle), IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) system, and automobile electronics products. This will show Taiwan's strong ICT industry and R&D ability to the world.

To enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan's gas/electric-powered motorcycles, 2023 TAIPEI AMPA further expanded the scale of the motorcycle exhibition area. In addition to exhibiting products such as gas-powered vehicles, electric vehicles, motorcycle components, modification accessories, and rider products, it has also planned themed events with large vehicle manufacturers, motorcycle parts manufacturers, and maintenance channel dealers, such as "Streetfighter: Motor Runway." The event is aimed at presenting the solid supply chain and sound R&D and manufacturing capabilities of domestic automobile and motorcycle spare parts manufacturers, and to use this to guide the industry toward technological innovation, to realize goals such as electrification and smartification, and connect with global trends in innovation.

2035 E-Mobility Taiwan outlines the blueprint for future vehicles

Taiwan's most influential E-Mobility trade show, 2035 E-mobility Taiwan, will be held from April 12 to 15 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, 4th floor. The show features 6 main categories: Electric, Autonomous, Connected, Interaction, Shared, and EVs, showcasing a complete sourcing platform for electric and autonomous vehicle solutions.

2035 E-Mobility Taiwan revolves around the two major themes: Drive Smart, Drive Sustainability, bringing together industry players such as Master Transportation, Hotai Motor, mTARC, Zerova, Delta Electronics, Shihlin Electric, Pacific Electric Wire & Cable, Clientron, Advantech, TECO, KST, Gus Technology, Texas Instruments, Smartgreen Solution, and Gigabyte to exhibit electric buses, electric vehicles, battery, motor, ADAS, IoV, infotainment, smart cockpits, and other cutting-edge solutions. The Mobility Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (mTARC), Ministry of the Interior, and Taiwan Telematics Industry Association will showcase innovative smart mobility solutions.

To promote industrial upgrading and accelerate startups' interactions with enterprises, TAITRA and Epoch Foundation jointly organize the "2035 E-Mobility Global Demo Day" startup competition. After 2 rounds of selection, 12 startups are selected from the U.S., Canada, France, UK, Israel, Vietnam, and Taiwan to exhibit in the trade show. They will showcase technologies such as edge AI chip solution, automotive AI, human machine interface, imaging sensor chip, voice-AI technology, autonomous last mile delivery, and repairable battery for bikes and scooters, providing a more convenient and sustainable solutions for the industry.

2023 ESG Achievement to enhance green movement

In addition to electrification and smartification, one other topic of focus in the automobile and motorcycle industry in recent years has been ESG. To address this crucial topic, the three major exhibitions are also actively promoting the concept of green management, and showcasing the achievements of domestic industry operators in areas of sustainable development and social participation. In addressing the global trend for ESG, Taiwanese manufacturers have launched a diverse layout and have actively invested in EV technology. While helping mitigate emissions of gas-powered vehicles, they have also initiated R&D in this area. One example is in the recycling and sustainability exhibition area: visitors will see automotive electronic products, battery recycling, battery life extension, and other technologies and materials, as well as various automobile and motorcycle equipment that uses environmentally friendly materials. The exhibition will also have 2023 ESG Achievement activities to promote ESG concepts. Overall, the exhibition aims to work with domestic and foreign automobile and motorcycle manufacturers to move us closer to a sustainable future.

As top-level exhibitions in the global automobile and motorcycle industry, TAIPEI AMPA, AUTOTRONICS TAIPEI, and 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan will show a variety of next-gen software and hardware products, both physically and virtually. Also, the concurrent exhibitions will hold a variety of peripheral activities, including 3 international forums, to which it will invite various professionals to analyze industry trends. In addition, there will be expert theme tours, expert lectures, E-Mobility Global Demo Day-PowerUp & MeetUp, one-on-one procurement meetings, and live tours at the exhibition. The event is an excellent one-stop platform for procurement and negotiation for domestic and foreign buyers, helping them take advantage of the plentiful business opportunities created by this new wave of change in the automobile and motorcycle industry.