iCatch Technology's AI imaging SoC powering connected AI dashcam by US leading fleet management service provider

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AI dashcam has been gaining market attention in recent years because it is able to detect specific road events, such as dangerous driving and driver distraction. This technology is especially sought after by fleet management service providers to improve driving safety and driver coaching. To response to the road situation and guide the driver in real-time, iCatch has developed a connected AI dash camera solution based on its CR3 AI imaging SoC which can notify the fleet operation center in real-time on the occurrence of dangerous driving events. This solution has been adopted by US leading fleet management service provider.

The connected AI dashcam consists at least two cameras, one is for front-facing and the other is for in-cabin monitoring. The front-facing camera is used to perform advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) and record hazardous situations as evidence, such as pedestrian collision warning (PCW), forward collision warning (FCW) and lane departure warning (LDW). On the other hand, the in-cabin camera is used for driver monitoring system (DMS), such as distraction by phone or smoke and drowsiness due to long distance driving. When there is an event detected from either camera, the connected AI dashcam will send an event notification along with the event video clip to operation center's cloud server as a backup in real-time.

The connected AI dashcam consists ADAS and DMS with event notification real-time.

The connected AI dashcam consists ADAS and DMS with event notification real-time
Photo: iCatch Technology

The CR3 AI imaging SoC from iCatch not only can support up to 4 cameras with its high dynamic range 4K image processor and H.264/H.265 video CODEC, but also embeds neural processing unit (NPU) for edge AI acceleration. The algorithm provider can easily port their deep learning models to enhance the performance of front ADAS and in-cabin driver monitoring. Moreover, the flexible connectivity interfaces on CR3 can support a variety of networking communication methods, such as 4G LTE, 5G and WiFi through add-on modules. The fleet management service provider can choose the configuration that best fit their existing system architecture.

Mr. Choi, CEO of Think-i Corporation, a leading AI dashcam manufacturer in Korea quotes "iCatch's CR3 AI imaging SoC solution comes with a complete dashcam reference software, cloud connectivity libraries and AI development toolchain. Therefore, we are able to develop a comprehensive connected AI dash camera product in much shorter time to meet customers' performance requirement and time-to-market."

The fleet management market has been experiencing strong growth and iCatch is obligated to be a part of this revolution. Since customers are looking for AI imaging SoC with even higher imaging and AI deep learning performance, iCatch will continue to develop the next-generation solution to meet customers' future product roadmap to cover not only front and in-cabin, but also side and rear view to be able to monitor the environment surrounding the vehicle to further protect drivers and road users' safety.

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