UnaBiz raises US$25 million in B+ round financing

Judy Lin, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

UnaBiz, the massive Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider, announced on December 8 that it has completed its B+ financing round led by Japan's Sparx Group, and other investors including Singapore's G.K Goh Holdings, are also optimistic about UnaBiz's future development prospects. Having successfully raised US$50 million in Series B financing, UnaBiz has been able to expand its business in the global market.

Spark Group, a Japanese company, led the B round of capital raising for UnaBiz in October last year and is leading the latest round again. In other words, the valuation of UnaBiz continues to grow. UnaBiz has been able to bring together an elite management team in the areas of cloud technology, network security, enterprise operations, and marketing communications to work with partners in more than 70 countries around the world to build a better ecosystem for the IoT industry.

Founded just six years ago, UnaBiz successfully acquired Sigfox 0G network telecommunication technology in April 2022, which has taken the global IoT industry by surprise. UnaBiz has since taken on the mission to revitalize and enhance the use of public 0G networks worldwide by working closely with 0G operators in more than 70 countries to enable more than 1,500 B2B customers to operate their tens of millions of sensors more efficiently.

In the six months since the acquisition of the Sigfox 0G network carrier, UnaBiz has successfully integrated its Asian and European teams, and the organization is operating smoothly and leveraging the strengths of its multicultural team. The company is expected to continue investing in sustainable product innovation.

In October, UnaBiz was invited to sign a letter of intent with an affiliate of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and is expected to replicate the smart meter experience accumulated in Taiwan and Japan over the past few years to the Middle East and the world, leading Taiwan's ICT industry to expand in international markets.

Shuhei Abe, the president of Sparx Group in Japan, said that the group appreciates Unabiz's positive performance as a leader in building a large-scale IoT ecosystem globally. Abe praised Unabiz's strategy of acquiring Sigfox 0G technology and its courage to take on challenges, "UnaBiz's actions are a demonstration of its role as a Massive IoT leader.

As the owner of the most energy-efficient LPWAN technology in the market, Unabiz is at the forefront of the global convergence of Massive IoT communication technologies, helping customers in different fields to achieve their goals of digital transformation and sustainable development," said Abe.

Henri Bong, co-founder, and co-chief executive officer of UnaBiz Group, expressed his gratitude for the trust and strong support from investors. Bong said, "We are working closely with our global partners and 0G network operators around the world to drive the large-scale Internet of Things market with ultra-low cost and ultra-low power solutions through a new dynamic team with deep expertise and strong sales and operational capabilities."

In October 2021, following the completion of Series B round of capital raising, UnaBiz appointed co-founder Philippe Chiu as co-chief executive officer and lead the UnaBiz team with Bong.

The new funding will be used for research and product development, and will continue to focus on the integration of low-power WAN and satellite IoT, thereby strengthening UnaBiz's competitiveness in software, hardware and cloud services, as well as continuing to expand the scale and scope of the UnaConnect data platform. Chiu said, "The growth of these products and services will enable us to target larger markets and allow our 0G operator customers to enjoy the benefits of greater technology convergence and integration: better economies of scale and more freedom of technology choice. UnaBiz is committed to serve a broader market and to develop new solutions."

In the past six years, UnaBiz has expanded its business to six locations including Tokyo (Japan), Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), and the Netherlands. In April 2022, UnaBiz acquired Sigfox Network Technologies and added a new R&D center in France. The dual R&D centers are located in Asia and Europe (Taipei and Labège, S.F.). The company now has more than 240 employees worldwide, a three-fold increase from a year ago.