Demand for V2X information security is on the rise

Ines Lin, Taipei; Jack Wu, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Wei-Bin Lee, CEO of Hon Hai Research Institute. Credit: DIGITIMES

V2X devices and the data they generate continue to increase. Together with AI applications and electrical grid connections, they highlight the importance of information security protection. All car manufacturers should come to a consensus in terms of security, according to Wei-Bin Lee, CEO of the Hon Hai Research Institute and head of the Information Security Research Center.

At CYBERSEC 2022, Foxconn exhibited an EV development tool platform named EV π (pi). Lee stated in an interview that the platform is a modular vehicle environment. R&D personnel can simulate the development of equipment like EV security, AI, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and communications on the platform, thus lowering the barrier and cost of the development process.

Foxconn felt that it would be unfortunate if this kind of platform is only made for its own use. Therefore, the platform is open to anyone. It also lowers the cost, so schools can use the platform to train students and startups can use it to develop new products. Lee emphasized that EV π platform's software is developed with open source tools.

Lee stated that as the development of EVs becomes more and more robust, V2X devices, shared data, AI implementation, and connection to the electricity grid infrastructure will all continue to grow. The security issues regarding these four fields are difficult to solve and require dedicated R&D.

While car owners may compare the specs of their vehicles, security should be a necessity, not a feature to compare. V2X security should be a public standard and not be privatized by individual car manufacturers, stated Lee. He also mentioned that since V2X security involves many stakeholders, the government should step up and promote related regulations and standards.