HOLTEK major development commitment to 32-bit brushless DC motor MCUs and drive technology

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In response to the serious global issues of energy conservation and carbon reduction, brushless DC motors (BLDC Motors) are playing a significant role and forming an important industry trend due to their improved energy efficiency. BLDC motors have the advantages of a simple structure, high efficiency, long life, low noise and smaller size. The research institute, Grand View Research, has predicted that during the period 2021 to 2028, the BLDC motor global market size will expand to US$26.3 billion, with a CAGR of 5.7%.

Holtek Semiconductor (HOLTEK) has been deeply embedded into the BLDC motor drive industry chain for many years, retaining a focus on motor drive MCU development as well as algorithm technology. The company has strict control over the full process from design, research and development to production, enabling Holtek to provide its customers with a range of high-quality motor control MCUs as well as providing stable product delivery. Holtek's already released 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0+ HT32F65xxx series of BLDC MCUs have passed the UL/IEC 60730-1 Class B motor control software safety certification. When combined with Holtek's HT32 BLDC Motor Workshop motor development platform, customers have the ability to easily import BLDC motor control solutions, thus greatly reducing the development effort and technical threshold required for the design of related BLDC motor applications.

BLDC motor microcontroller research and development

1. FOC (field-oriented control) control requires accurate motor current information, a robust digital circuit MCU internal control mechanism and improved analog IP performance

2. For cost-sensitive 2-shunt and 1-shunt current sampling technology, Holtek released the HT32F652xx series. By using its internal high-speed 2Msps 12-bit ADC and OPA together with a flexible digital trigger mechanism, it is able to offer solutions for increasingly complex motor control requirements.

3. Have an excellent understanding of the key high-voltage and high-current technologies to develop a series of SoC MCUs which include an integrated Gate-driver and Driver. These are suitable for small scale highly integrated products which have limited driver board space, such as electric assisted bicycles, electric scooters, power tools, vacuum cleaners and low-voltage motor modules, etc.

Reliable and stable BLDC motor drive algorithm development

HOLTEK has accumulated many years of BLDC drive technology experience and is able to provide appropriate algorithms for different product application.

1. Square Wave Sensorless: the high torque characteristics of square wave technology still retain an important market presence. Holtek provides special back-EMF filtering technology which is able to provide reliable startup, low speed stability and commutation accuracy.

2. FOC Sensorless:
-Patented rotor initial position detection technology (IPD): This is able to detect the rotor initial position when the motor is stationary to resolve the rotor pulsating when using the positioning method.
-Zero failure rate adaptive start-up technology: In situations where IPD is unable to be used, this will reduce mechanical vibration during motor startup. This technology can be adapted for various fan blades to allow a stable motor start.
-A maximum speed of 150,000 rpm can be obtained.

3. Multiple Stability Compensation
-Hall sensor compensation is used to improve the Hall sensor angle deviation which can result in unstable estimated angle values.
-Dead time compensation can improve current distortion, reduce harmonics and decrease audible noise.
-Capacitor voltage ripple compensation will increase torque stability.
-Current loop voltage compensation can control current surges and improves current control response.

4. Increase the speed range
-Weak field control to reach speeds exceeding the rated speed.
-Over modulation technology used where weak field control cannot be used to increase speed.

5. Automatic control parameter identification
-Automatic identification of motor parameters within seconds.
-Current loop PID gain without trial and error.

BLDC motor control scheme foremost choice

1. In addition to conforming to the complete UL 60730 standard self-inspection procedure, the HT32F65xxx series of MCUs also conform to the UL/IEC 60730-1 Class B motor control software safety certification. Here a complete program library and manufacturing inspection platform are provided, reducing both customer cost and time to achieve UL certification.

2. The HT32 BLDC Motor Workshop motor development platform provides customers with an intelligent tool to assist with parameter configuration. This user-friendly platform includes a real-time monitoring debugging interface, ensuring that customers have an easy to use means to import BLDC motor drive technology into their product applications.

3. Provides innovative remote services, where remote assistance can be provided to make adjustments without being in the same location or having the same equipment as the customer. This greatly reduces required time and travel thus greatly improving service efficiencies.

HOLTEK provides complete BLDC motor solutions and high-quality technical services, which assist customers to reduce their development learning threshold resulting in much reduced development times. Refer to the HOLTEK official website for a more complete BLDC Motor MCU selection table and reference solutions.

HOLTEK can supply complete BLDC motor drive solutions

HOLTEK can supply complete BLDC motor drive solutions