Posiflex aims to become top-3 own-brand POS maker

Ninelu Tu, Taipedi; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Posiflex chairman and president Chen Mao-chiang. Credit: DIGITIMES

Posiflex Technology currently is the globally fifth largest own-brand POS device maker, next to HP, Toshiba, NCR and Diebold Nixdorf, and aims to advance to become the third largest by hiking its market share in West Europe, according to company chairman and president Chen Mao-chiang.

Due to impact of COVID lockdowns in China, some shipments originally scheduled for second-quarter 2022 will be deferred until the third quarter, Chen said, adding Posiflex has obtained orders with shipments scheduled until September 2022. However, Posiflex is conservative about 2022 business, Chen added.

Posiflex has landed orders for highly customized models, including BORIS (buy online, return in store) solutions for e-commerce operators, ATM solutions for Bitcoin operators, check-in terminals matched with personal recognition systems for use in hotels, airports and public facilities, ticket vending systems used in movie theaters and theme parks, Chen indicated.

Posiflex has partnered with Lenovo to promote POS devices among large enterprises, with the global top-40 to be initial targets, Chen said, adding Lenovo plans to promote rental POS services based on a DaaS (device as a service) business model and will discuss selection of potential clients with Posiflex.