Computex Focus: DataVan to showcase new retail solutions for new normal

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DataVan will showcase new retail solutions for the new normal at Computex. Credit: DataVan

After the global impact of COVID-19, some countries have gradually lifted lockdowns. Taiwan is also on the last mile towards co-existence with COVID-19 to be ready to embrace so-called the "new normal". This trend could bring a positive effect for the retail industry that had suffered great impact by COVID-19. Kris Hsu, General Manager at DataVan (3521.TWO), believes that some new service models introduced during the pandemic will remain even after the pandemic is over. To meet related requirements, DataVan has launched multiple software and hardware solutions which will be on full presentation at COMPUTEX of this year between May 24 to 27.

Kris Hsu points out that many cities in Europe and U.S. have been shut down by COVID-19 in the past two years, severely impacting storefronts in the restaurant industry. As the world-leading POS manufacturer, DataVan partnered with customers in these places to launch various smart solutions to help integrate technology and create new business models, one of which is the restaurant delivery POS system. This type of POS allows consumers to order online and select take-out or delivery service, and it is helpful to decrease the risk of indoor contact between customers and restaurant staff. While similar services have been provided by some European and American restaurants in the past, they had not become popular in local markets; instead, this kind of service has become a necessary option for restaurants and consumers due to the pandemic. People are also used to it after lifting lockdowns Kris Hsu predicts that this model will become the "new normal" for the future restaurant industry and will stimulate many new applications and services.

Kris Hsu stated that while the pandemic is temporarily coming to an end in the U.S. and Europe, the rooted public health awareness will boost innovative applications. For the restaurant industry, the reduction of physical contact has become a consensus. This spawned the use of O2O or OMO solutions, one of which allows consumers to order online through their smartphones or computers or order in stores using self-service devices. Kris Hsu pointed out that DataVan offers solutions for both KIOSK and table-side tablet ordering that can reduce contact as well as manpower costs of restaurants. These solutions can also shorten customers' waiting times, increase turnover rates, and create greater benefits for restaurants and consumers.

In addition to food services, the operations of physical storefronts have also changed due to the "new normal." More and more stores are adding alcohol disinfectant and body temperature measurement devices at their front doors. Kris Hsu emphasized that a key trend of new retail within the "new normal" is "increasing operational and management efficiency". For instance, DataVan's "DataVan Central IoT Management Platform" can connect multiple DataVan POS and KIOSK devices, so that the administrator can remotely monitor the statuses of all connected devices. The software/firmware updating service through cloud can also reduce the cost of on-site maintenance, greatly lowering contamination risks and transportation costs for higher management efficiency.

In addition to retail solutions, DataVan's subsidiary Maincon Corporation has established complete market access in Japan and Southeast Asia markets. In recent years, DataVan's focus on software development complements Maincon's industrial computer product line to strengthen product value and meet customer needs. These results will also be presented at COMPUTEX of this year. Kris Hsu disclosed that soon DataVan will expand the new application to the field of buildings with the integration of Maincon's AI and hardware capabilities as well as DataVan's software advantage to launch a smart home system that better meets the needs of construction companies and tenants.

Kris Hsu suggested that retailers should provide a safer and more reliable environment for consumers as well as enhance efficiency of operations and management to face new challenges from the new normal. DataVan has completed solutions for these challenges and will build a coffee shop scenario to showcase them at COMPUTEX of this year. The booth will integrate all new retail solutions, including digital signage with epidemic prevention, temperature measurement and facial recognition integration, self-service KIOSK, table-side tablet ordering devices, POS systems, and the cloud management platform as well as Maincon's industrial computer products. Systems developers and retailers can fully explore the smart, convenient, and safe retail solutions for the new normal in the post-pandemic era at DataVan's N0514 booth. Welcome to experience DataVan's outstanding retail solutions for the new normal!