AMICCOM releases low current sub-1GHz wireless transceiver SOCs

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AMICCOM released a new generation of low current sub1-GHz wireless SOCs in March 2022, named A9129F6, A9139F6, and A9159F6. AMICCOM continues to integrate the existing RFICs with MCU and roll-out highly integrated SOC products. The new A91x9F6 SOCs, like their previous generation products, come from integrating MCU with A7129/A7139/A7159 RFICs, which have excellent RF performance and extremely low receiving current.

The package and pin definition of these new SOCs are fully compatible with the previous generation products. Besides, the maximum data rate is increased to 500Kbps, the internal memory configuration is expanded to 64KBytes for Flash and 8KBytes for SRAM to meet the needs of various system applications.

The A91x9F6 series are the wireless SOC with low receiving current, the RX current is only 7.3mA when MCU is sleeping. The RF modulation supports FSK and GFSK, the data rate can be 2kbps to 500kbps, RX sensitivity for 2kbps at 433.92MHz is -119dBm, and the RF transmit power is programmable (the range of A9129F6 is -25dBm to +12dBm and the range of A9139F6/A9159F6 is -17dBm to +19.5dBm), the maximum link budget can reach 138dB, which is suitable for long-distance transmission applications. The A91x9F6 chip supports FIFO mode with built-in TXFIFO packet format (including FEC, CRC and Manchester encoding function etc.), and the Auto Calibration mechanism inside the chip is used to overcome the variation of the semiconductor process so that the chip can work stably in various environments.

The MCU of A91x9F6 is 1T 8051 core, the speed of the MCU can be adjust by applications. It equip a variety of digital interfaces such as UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, four PWM outputs, three 16-bit timers and two 8-bit timers, these interfaces share pins with 32 GPIOs. A91x9F6 is equipped with two ADCs: 12bit and 8bit ADC respectively. The 12bit ADC provides 8 channels to measure external signals; the 8bit ADC provides RSSI measurement value, which can be used to detect RF channel is clean or not.

Overall, the A91x9F6, with a fast 8051 MCU core, is a low current Sub-1GHz wireless SOC. All functions are integrated in the QFN6x6 package to provide customers a high-integration wireless solution.

Supply and Packaging

A9129F6/A9139F6/A9159F6 are available in a 6mm x 6mm QFN-48 package, and is now available from AMICCOM and its authorized distributors. Welcome to request IC samples and evaluation modules, and start development work. Please contact AMICCOM Electronics for more detail.