The top choice of AI servers: Chenbro launches SR113 4U rackable tower server chassis

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Chenbro SR113 4U rackable tower server chassis. Credit: Chenbro

Since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, enterprises around the globe have accelerated the trend of digital transformation to meet the challenges brought about by the changing business environment. Naturally, artificial intelligence has become the most critical technology for these enterprises. AI technology combined with data analysis can be used in manufacturing to achieve optimization of production lines and prediction of equipment health, as well as other goals, which have allowed for great strides on the road to smart manufacturing. Similarly, e-commerce operators can analyze consumer shopper behavior, which is then used to recommend the most suitable products to customers as they browse the web, which increases the rate at which they can close deals. The trend also applies to smart medical care—the medical care industry can use AI technology to perform medical 3D rendering, image optimization, and image diagnosis and analysis to help doctors identify potential lesions and provide patients with superior medical services.

In addition, there is a strong demand in the market for AI workstations. Applications such as data science, rendering, and visual design are indispensable for AI servers; this includes developing AI/ML models, 3D simulation, advanced visual development, rendering, data science, professional visualization, professional video streaming, among others.

In light of these trends, Chenbro Micom launched the SR113 4U Rackable Tower Server Chassis, installing up to 5 general-purpose graphical processing unit (GPGPU) cards matched with the proprietary motherboard, making it ideal for AI deep learning, Big data analysis, and AI applications in other fields. At the outset, the SR113 was designed to meet the needs of complex application scenarios. For that reason, in addition to supporting both vertical and rackable modes, it adopts a standard 4U height and slide rails that can be used with a cabinet, making maintenance of replacement of parts convenient for IT personnel. Therefore, the product is not only suitable for SMEs or units that have no immediate need for expansion, but when there is a demand for expansion in the future, it is also installable in the data centers or IDC server rooms of medium-to-large enterprises, without the added worry of wasting valuable cabinet space.

One of the most significant features of the SR113 4U Rackable Tower Server Chassis is that it boasts the industries' most excellent flexibility and compatibility. First, it can use with Super Micro X12DPG/X11DPG and Tyan S7105 motherboards, supports 11 slots, and allows simultaneous installation of up to 5 GPGPU cards; the result is impressive AI computing power and big data processing and analysis power, all in a single server, meaning massive savings of valuable cabinet space. It goes without saying that if enterprises do not have such requirements, they can also choose a chassis that supports eight slots. When used with other standard ATX motherboards, 4 GPGPU cards can also be installed, with enough computing power for most projects. It is also worth mentioning that this chassis supports SSI EEB specification motherboards and allows the installation of up to 8 full-height PCI-E expansion cards.

Looking to ensure the smooth operation of AI applications, Chenbro Micom has also added many thoughtful and practical designs to the SR113 4U Rackable Tower Server Chassis. The first is in the power supply: its 80+ platinum power supply supports Redundant CPRS specification, ensuring that the 5 GPGPU cards can maintain stable operation and reduce overall energy consumption while maintaining high energy conversion efficiency. If an enterprise chooses an 8-slot chassis, it can use a PS/2 interface power supply.

Next, Chenbro Micom has also designed a comprehensive heat dissipation mechanism to support the stability of the operational processes on the AI server. Here, "comprehensive" means not just four high-speed fans inside the chassis to discharge hot air but can also install an external high-speed cooling fan on the back of the chassis.

Last of the meticulously thoughtful designs is an exclusive GPGPU card retaining bracket, preventing unfortunate GPGPU card collisions during transportation. As for storage space, there are 2 x 5.25" brackets, 1 x 3.5" brackets, and two brackets that support 4 x 3.5" hot-swap.

One more thing worth mentioning is that, in the face of frequent data leakages, Chenbro Micom also places greater emphasis on protection work; the SR113 chassis is specially equipped with a front bezel lock, supports key lock, and has a 3-wire intrusion switch and a Kensington security slot to prevent the unfortunate event of data theft.

On increasing enterprise visibility and facilitating equipment management, Chenbro Micom also provides customized logo badge services, adding enterprise-specific identification logos in the front of the server; or, it can mark servers with different colors to make data center equipment management more convenient and more efficient.

All in all, for enterprises looking to build HPC/AI training, deep learning, machine learning, 3D simulation and animation, scientific simulation and analysis, and big data analysis environments, the SR113 4U Rackable Tower Server Chassis is, without doubt, an option that shouldn't be overlooked.